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Holidays – Unforgettable, Joyous

UPDATE: 10:39 PM 11/27/2008Welcome! Here, in the US, Thanksgiving has come, and gone! Ah, the memories! Below are links to a few delicious and healthy recipes from Comsumer’s Union featuring […]

Holidays are Over – Moderation in All Things

UPDATE: 8:04 1/10/2009 The end of the year holidays has past, and hopefully you’ve had a rollicking, joyous good time imbibing and eating the most wondrous of things! And now! […]

Margaritas, Fresh Seafood – Summery Winter in San Diego

UPDATE: 2:19 1/18/2009 San Diego & Sweet Salty Margarita…s Welcome from the clear, blue skyed warmth of sunny San Diego. No matter that we’re experiencing El Nino’s Saharan winds – […]

Rainy Late Night at Panera’s – Asiago Bagels, Sweet Cream Coffee

11:54 PM 2/5/2009 – Late at Night Late night news from the Land of Yummy and Delicious… It rained pups and kittens tonight – a royal downpour. Everything’s clean, fresh, […]

Border’s Books – Heavenly

Back to Border’s Books for Utter DeliciousnessDeliciousness at Borders Books – Lemon Bars, Hot Coffee   Update 2012…   Alas! Border’s is no longer with us as of January, 2012. […]

IKEA – Lunch!

The Food (and Decor) of Ikea… The other day we enjoyed the good fortune of being taken to IKEA. It was a cool, balmy day, the sun was warm and […]

Holidays – Our Little Mall Had White Horse, Carriage & Chorus Tonight

11:01 AM 12/6/2008 Good Morning from Sunny Southern California, everyone! It’s bright and warm, lots of dew last night. Do we long for a white Christmas? Why, sure we do. […]

First Day of December! Can’t Wait! Everything Twinkles – Hints and Tips…

UPDATE: 10:00 AM 12/1/2008 PST Today heralds the Official Start of Online Holiday Shopping Day. Evidently, lots of folks at work hop online to shop for gifts. Companies must have […]

RUTABAGA Night! Deelicious

Beautiful Beautiful Delicious RUTABAGA – Buttery Sweet, Tender, Golden and Rich : ) Yesterday, dinner was simmered organic rutabaga. Frankly, it was extraordinarily delicious. “Rutabaga!” you say. “Are you kidding?”   […]

Eating Uni in the Car

My friend loves Sushi. So, down to Food Heaven we went, the Land of Infinite Delicacies from around the world. (Kearny Mesa area of San Diego County) Off to the […]

First Grape Harvest

First REAL Grape Harvest… “Govern a great website as you would treat a small fish. Let it find manyfriends, share delicious food, and freely wander wherever its heart desires.” – […]