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Yummy Delicious Raw food

Raw food can truly be a miracle. There are hundreds of thousands, even millions of stories of how people overcame disease, obesity, illness and general ill health by simply changing […]

Holidays are Over – Moderation in All Things

UPDATE: 8:04 1/10/2009 The end of the year holidays has past, and hopefully you’ve had a rollicking, joyous good time imbibing and eating the most wondrous of things! And now! […]

Quick Note at Dusk – The Day’s End, the Night’s Beginning…

6:14 PM 2/7/2009 Quick Note at Dusk And the Promise of Dinner… Dusk is a special time of day. Years ago, someone gave me a word in German to describe […]

Classic Chopped Salad with Delicious Lemony Vinaigrette Dressing…

This is the plain beginning of something really wonderful – Chopped Salad. First… chop  one freshly washed, drained and chilled head of iceberg lettuce into 1/3 to 1/2 inch bite […]

The Most Perfect Green Smoothie

What is the Perfect Green Smoothie? Here at Yummy Delicious, we’re ever in search of the divine. But along with super healthy, often comes less than delicious. To the rescue, […]

Secret Cravings at Night? – Use the Lazygirl Solution!

So, it’s late at night and you’re going stark, raving, stir craving. That is, you’re hungry as heck and could eat a horse on the spot. You crave every junk […]