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First Day of December! Can’t Wait! Everything Twinkles – Hints and Tips…

UPDATE: 10:00 AM 12/1/2008 PST

Today heralds the Official Start of Online Holiday Shopping Day. Evidently, lots of folks at work hop online to shop for gifts. Companies must have a very lenient policy – how nice!

We, of course, do nothing of the sort. It’s work work work, not a moment’s play. : )

Today’s Hints and Tips: For super gift bargains, you might want to check out Pricegrabber – very popular with the tech crowd. For food, groceries, treats and eats, there’s lots of free shipping. Be sure to ask!

Amazon is now offering groceries online. (Note: Links open new window. Some links are just for your convenience, others give us a little bit. We always provide links that we believe in! : )

Here are some other tips:

• Von’s, a subsidiary of Safeway, offers delivery now in the US. Another plus – Von’s usually has a very nice selection of organic produce that’s actually very tasty and priced quite reasonably. (You might consider the health benefits and savings – organic may be an incredible bargain.)

• Shop Local. Not only can you enjoy delicious produce and meat, but also save considerably in the pocket book as well. Eatwellguide.org provides a great search link to find out what’s in your area in the US.

Interesting Tidbit: It can take 2,200 miles to ship your strawberry yogurt. Here’s a pdf to download if you’re interested. PDF. (To download, Right-click and choose ‘Save Target As’)

Be back soon – Happy Shopping! : )

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