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Your Recipes – Beloved, Secret Recipes from Friends and Family Around the World

Your Recipes - Beloved, Secret Recipes from Friends and Family Around the World

There's no place like home... and no more yummy deliciousness than home cooking. In celebration of the best cooking in the world, we feature your home recipes. It's true that this image is bereft of food... but, it's about being cozy, comfy, in anticipation of a lovely, warm meal with loved ones and home.

Hi All!

I’m Celia, and my favorite recipes of all time are Peking Duck Tortillas and Lettuce Wraps with Corn and Oysters! Go figure!

But, when I had them as a kid, they were phenomenal. You make your own flour tortillas with pastry flour, good (organic!) lard, (I know, i know… it’s up to you if you want to use organic vegetable fat or better yet, mild flavored coconut butter), and dash of salt.

Honestly, I’m getting more and more away from eating little animals who may have a very sad life in some awful factory farm, but for now, my family does eat meat. (My Mom is a gourmet cook)

Roll them out and heat in griddle – it’s the natural lard that makes all the difference.

Then, add naturally roasted free range happy-raised duck pieces, scallions, and hoisin sauce (use only the real deal, otherwise, no yum factor) from the oriental market.

This is so good and so simple, but the idea of eating a duck just isn’t the same as it used to be as a kid.

Great news tho – you can substitute slices of naturally fermented organic baked tofu – it’s still awesome beyond belief! (Note: Always eat naturally fermented tofu – then it’s good for you, and that’s why it’s safe in the Orient. They use fermented soy cake and thus, have no bad side effects. Hey – always consult with your doctor as I’m just a Site visitor and friend of YDF)

Okay, how about oyster wraps? Well, to be honest, when you saute very special dehydrated oysters with corn and sweet organic soy, then wrap it in cold fresh lettuce, it is a gourmet treat beyond all other.

The thing is, where do you get dehydrated oysters, and how do you know if they’re safe to eat? I don’t know but they asked me for my fave recipes, and this is what I had to share for now! : )

Love, Celia

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