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“Govern a great website as you would treat a small fish. Let it find many
friends, share delicious food, and freely wander wherever its heart desires.”
– Lao Tzu or Perhaps Another Philosopher
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1:44 AM 4/9/2009
A Lovely Journey Into CSS and Food Blogging
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Welcome to the newly designed and updated Yummy Delicious Food website blog. A tad different coloring, the promise of new exciting links to come.

We hope this becomes a rollicking adventure for all. Life recipes including a pinch of delight, cup of fun, finest ingredients of eats and thinks ever to grace the Halls of BLogdom. Come back often… Surprises will await! : )

Yes, we are a Land. Mystical, lyrical, magical… well, not so quite but wishfully thinking, nevertheless! We can dream, right? Wish us luck, and we wish you all the best, too!

Bon Appetit for Life, Love, Eats and Treats! Let the games begin! : )