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Eating Uni in the Car

Eating Uni Sushi in the Car... Uni (Sea Urchin, Green Sesame Seaweed Salad, Pickled Ginger, Salmon Caviar Roe

My friend loves Sushi. So, down to Food Heaven we went, the Land of Infinite Delicacies from around the world. (Kearny Mesa area of San Diego County)

Off to the Japanese Market, where he got this little tub of colorful artistry – Fresh Uni (thank you dear little prickly sea urchin), pickled emerald green sesame seaweed salad, pickled sweet ginger, salmon caviar roe, over a bed of Japanese white rice. My understanding is, that it was quite delicious…

You can see we ate in the car, and it was a fine, and beautiful, experience. As for me… all right… I admit it… I had crisped roasted seaweed in tiny packets with bites of uni roe, too. Yes I felt guilty… Guilty little pleasure I felt.

It will be a long time before uni graces my tastebuds again. But I will tell you… it was rich, sweet, fresh, buttery, and tasting of the sea. I honor the little lady that spawned the roe, and I honor the fisherman that scooped her children from her, for me.

As for the crisped seaweed – it was perfect. Roasted and delicately salted to perfection – tasting of the most perfectly seasoned bacon.

Had there been a little salad, I would have shred a little of these dark bacony strips atop. Perfect complement. Imagine – Crisp fresh lettuce, fresh tomatoes, bacony seaweed to tickle the taste buds… perfect.

Want bacon without all the guilt? Roasted seasoned seaweed, from little packages. Nutritious, delicious, satisfying.

A lovely little few moments down in Food Heaven… one lovely little Saturday afternoon.

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