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First Grape Harvest

First REAL Grape Harvest…

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“Govern a great website as you would treat a small fish. Let it find many
friends, share delicious food, and freely wander wherever its heart desires.”
– Lao Tzu or Perhaps Another Philosopher
First Great Harvest
This is my slightly spiffed image of the first grape “harvest” ever. No wonder grapes hold such high esteem as a painter’s object d’choice d’art… there’s something wonderful about grapes sitting in a shaft of sunlight on your table.
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4:30 PM 8/7/2009
First Grape Harvest this Year
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Had my first grape harvest this year. What a rush – the vines grew wildly and rampantly and disgorged the most marvelously tasting merlots and concords.

I had ignored the vines, letting them overgrow in winter and never watering
in the Spring and Summer. Tall grass covered them, wisteria overshadowed them and a blue rose or two stabbed them.

Amongst all the competition, they rose to occasion, climbing their fellows reaching for the sun. The calm before the storm… riotous grapes burst from tiny clusters of bubbles like effervescent soda.

One of the most interesting things about these grapes – they healed. They took away my appetite for anything unhealthy, and the next morning I awoke refreshed and glowy.

Never used any pesticides, never did anything to the soil. In fact, thought the soil was beyond redemption. Who knows the lead content from the past? But, one thing is for sure – there’s been no chemicals for over 12 years, winter rains have washed the soil repeatedly, and not a bit of fertilizer has ever been applied.

Don’t know which was more fun – eating these globules of goodness or taking their picture.

Grow your own…

Notes: Bought the original vines from local hardware store. Lucked out – they were a spectacular variety. You can order online. I would buy heirloom these days… then test.

I would plant grapes around any house I would have – vines and vines. Would trellis them, arbors galore. Life couldn’t be sweeter.


First Great Harvest
The large plate overflows with grapes. I had gone out the previous night with a small flashlight, plucked these from a vine and left them on an outside table for morning, where they greeted me with this picture. They were absolutely delicious. Had I had enough, would have made new wine… but not with the feet… their flavors were divine – muscat and concord.

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