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Irish Wild Stew

Irish Wild Sea Bass, Tripe, Sausage, Scallops, Irish Stew  The Irish Autumn Mad Hatter’s Festival features some of the finest most tempting cuisine in the world. Kenmare In County Kerry […]

Ancient Foods from Biblical Days

One of the most interesting Biblical food experiences begins with the Story of Daniel. When Daniel was a very young man, he was brought before the King of the Land […]


International Food is a subject for a separate website all on it’s own. Maybe 100 or more websites! What we will do here is concentrate on World Favorites that are […]

Ethnic and Regional Cuisines

– Ethnic Foods and Dishes from Around the World Today! Fabulous Food of Columbia – Columbian Cuisine Below: Authentic Coveted Arepas Recipe Note: One of this weekend’s ironies was in […]