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RUTABAGA Night! Deelicious

Beautiful Beautiful Delicious RUTABAGA – Buttery Sweet, Tender, Golden and Rich : )
Yesterday, dinner was simmered organic rutabaga. Frankly, it was extraordinarily delicious. “Rutabaga!” you say. “Are you kidding?”

No, I’m not. I’ve ALWAYS loved rutabagas, but nobody else I know does. However… last night, I simmered them up till tender, sweet and golden, added a bit of fresh hormone free butter, organic salt, a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper and served them up to a hesitant audience.

They ate it ALL up and LIKED it.

Rutabaga has the creamy rich texture of both russet and golden potatoes together and the delicate flavor of cabbage and radish all at once. That is, if you buy the rutagbagas I did.

I always buy organic ($1.89 a pound) because they just taste so home garden fresh. I don’t cook a huge amount, you know… less is best!

If young grumpy guys like rutabaga, if small kids like it, then most likely you and yours will, too. : )

If you don’t, give me your helping. I will eat your rutabagas. I will eat them ALL up.



Ingredients (Serves 2)
1 Large Organic Rutabaga or Two Medium Rutabagaslarge organic rutabaga or two medium rutabagas
Fresh Organic Sweet Butter
Natural Salt
Fresh Ground Organic Pepper

Thoroughly wash and scrub your rutabaga. Cut off the stem, rootbits and tough areas.

Cut the rutabaga into 1/2 inch by 2 inch strips to resemble French fries. Steam over low heat with either a steam basket or simply with 1/2 cup water until fork tender, usually 15 to 20 minutes, longer if necessary.

Toss lightly with a 1/3 inch pat of fresh organic butter, a sprinkle of natural non-heat treated mineral salt or kosher salt and some fresh ground pepper to taste. Serve steaming hot.

That’s it! Your rutabaga strips should be golden brown, buttery rich and silken. If fresh and organic, it will have a delicate flavor and a creamy potato-like texture.

Your rutabaga is wonderful for wintry holiday fare. Goes well with sweet potatoes, peas and onions and other traditional fare.


Vegetable Oil instead of butter – Toss lightly with Planter’s Peanut Oil or Organic Peanut Oil instead of butter if you prefer.

Serve with a dollop of sour cream and fresh chopped parsley.


Update: Above image is an authentic original picture of my personal delicious RUTABAGA. They invariably cook up a rich golden hue and remind me of yellow golden french fries. So luxuriously rich. Former Credits: Thanks to Elissa for the previous picture. : )

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