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Holidays are Over – Moderation in All Things

UPDATE: 8:04 1/10/2009

The end of the year holidays has past, and hopefully you’ve had a rollicking, joyous good time imbibing and eating the most wondrous of things!

And now! How to proceed culinarily this new, magnificent and ever hopeful New Year? (Hopeful being a key word – always better to be ever hopeful than not : )

Why, it means back to moderation in all things. Sigh!

So, we hit the sprout rolls bursting with with fresh goodness. Let us share with you the rather yummy details:

Lovely lovely fresh green brocoli, sunflower, clover and alfalfa sprouts, touched lightly with onion and legume sprouts… atop sweet fresh Raw Milk Monterey Jack cheese, a dash of crisped nori seaweed, fresh organic red onion and scallions and cut corn kernels, wrapped in fresh iceberg lettuce leaves seasoned lightly with your favorite herbs and spices.

Are these splendiferous? A resounding Yum and Yes – Yums!

Lose weight on that – and feel lightly, spritely, invigorated and just about perfect! Can the rolls clear the mind? Clarify the purpose? Enlighten the load? We think so.

Let those pounds melt away, and let the energy flow!

In truth – these sprout rolls are truly to die (oh excuse me – to live for). They taste delicious, and can be augmented with your favorite yummy accoutrements.

Give them a try… and for those who absolutely deplore sprouts, let us mention soon, our revelatory experiences at our local, fast food, restaurants! Coming soon! : )

Meanwhile, we have lovely new “Losing Weight” (how timely) and “Can’t Say No” (how universal!) pages. Lots of good stuff. Go forth and love life, eating well!

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

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