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Do’s and Don’ts

Food Hints, Tips, Caution, Advice, Care Natural and Organic Try to incorporate more natural and organic foods. For one, you will be lessening the amount of pesticides, chemicals, hormones and […]

Dying Rich Young Man Learns Secret

UPDATE: 2:19 1/22/2009 There was a rich, young man… Okay. To be perfectly honest, Yummy Delicious Foods has a bit of an agenda. Yes, we’re all about Yummy Delicious Food. […]

Quick Note at Dusk – The Day’s End, the Night’s Beginning…

6:14 PM 2/7/2009 Quick Note at Dusk And the Promise of Dinner… Dusk is a special time of day. Years ago, someone gave me a word in German to describe […]

First Day of December! Can’t Wait! Everything Twinkles – Hints and Tips…

UPDATE: 10:00 AM 12/1/2008 PST Today heralds the Official Start of Online Holiday Shopping Day. Evidently, lots of folks at work hop online to shop for gifts. Companies must have […]

Eating Uni in the Car

My friend loves Sushi. So, down to Food Heaven we went, the Land of Infinite Delicacies from around the world. (Kearny Mesa area of San Diego County) Off to the […]