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Musings on Things Yummy and Delicious

What is this page? It is a collection of constantly updated musings from the Land of Yummy and Delicious. Faster than tall buildings, taller than speeding bullets, able to leap […]

A Very Nice New Year Letter from a Friend

UPDATE: 11:06 PM 1/2/2009 Below is a wonderful excerpt from the email to a friend of a friend heralding the New Year. It was so beautifully written that we knew […]

Holidays are Over – Moderation in All Things

UPDATE: 8:04 1/10/2009 The end of the year holidays has past, and hopefully you’ve had a rollicking, joyous good time imbibing and eating the most wondrous of things! And now! […]

Dying Rich Young Man Learns Secret

UPDATE: 2:19 1/22/2009 There was a rich, young man… Okay. To be perfectly honest, Yummy Delicious Foods has a bit of an agenda. Yes, we’re all about Yummy Delicious Food. […]

Lesson of the Beauteous Strawberry – Organic IS All It’s Cracked Up to Be

UPDATE: 1:47 PM 1/24/2009 Welcome, Dearest Friends! The weather here is phenomenal – brilliant blue skies, mild balmy chrystalline fresh air, lots of golden sunshine – today could almost be […]

Rainy Late Night at Panera’s – Asiago Bagels, Sweet Cream Coffee

11:54 PM 2/5/2009 – Late at Night Late night news from the Land of Yummy and Delicious… It rained pups and kittens tonight – a royal downpour. Everything’s clean, fresh, […]

Holidays – Our Little Mall Had White Horse, Carriage & Chorus Tonight

11:01 AM 12/6/2008 Good Morning from Sunny Southern California, everyone! It’s bright and warm, lots of dew last night. Do we long for a white Christmas? Why, sure we do. […]

Thanksgiving Time with Mother – Precious Memories…

UPDATE: 10:00 AM 12/1/2008 PST Thanksgiving has come and gone once again in the United States… the holiday that officially ushers in the winter holiday season.It’s all about Native Americans, […]