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Lesson of the Beauteous Strawberry – Organic IS All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Possibly the best tasting strawberry in the world. Pesticide free... Bottle cap for sizing.

Possibly the best tasting strawberry in the world. Pesticide free... Bottle cap for sizing.

UPDATE: 1:47 PM 1/24/2009

Welcome, Dearest Friends!

The weather here is phenomenal – brilliant blue skies, mild balmy chrystalline fresh air, lots of golden sunshine – today could almost be a perfect day.

The only problem? That everyone, all of you, aren’t here to share it with us.

To top off the joy of the day, we may have just eaten the most delicious strawberries ever imaginable, in our lifetimes, at least.

You see yesterday, our illustrious Girl Friday picked up some locally grown pesticide free strawberries that were way too good looking to be genuine. Rather like your typical stunning beauty contestants.

But, these were naturally grown, naturally fertilized, within a tented environment, where they blossomed to almost godly stature – absolutely huge and flawless.

Would these beauties be flavorless and bland, like so many we’ve tried from the grocery store?

As we took bites, we entered into a state of disbelief. Not only were they especially succulent and sweet, but they also had the most sublime, pure essences of both delicate and brassy strawberry flavors. Incredible.

Only wine connoisseurs would know how to describe the little nuances, flickers and taste tickles of these Rubenesque Gems of Juicy Ripeness.

You will see a picture of one above. That little black thing to the left of the strawberry? A bottle cap to illustrate size.

If you’re in the mind, send us a princely sum and we’ll FedEx a basket to you right away.


There IS such thing as a garden of Eden on Earth today. It’s in North San Diego county as of this moment. For us, anyway.

And… if you grow your food naturally, protected from pests and plagues with extreme care WITHOUT benefit of pesticides or chemicals, you may produce some of the finest tasting food WITHOUT compromising your toxicity levels.

That is the Lesson of the Strawberry.

Strawberries are well known for having the highest levels of chemical contaminants. They are not the easiest fruit to grow, and attract a considerable number of unwelcome little “friends.”

Due to their altered genetics, strawberry plants can be more susceptible to fungi, mold, bacterial and viral attacks.

Therefore, it may behoove one to seek out more organic sources. Such sources needn’t be certified organic – if one can be assured that the berries are pesticide and chemical free, this may be sufficient.

It is not easy to be an organic farmer. They deserve a great deal of credit for going the many extra miles required to grow safer food.

Now excuse us while we run out and pick up some more…

If you must try these babies, figure out the postage, send it to us and we’ll ship you out a basket.

Note: If you want us to add strawberries into that basket, you’ll have to pony up for them, too. Update: Sorry, no longer available. Till next year, then! : )

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