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Fruit – Sweet, Succulent, Delicious, Refreshing

Fruit, Glorious Fruit - Sweet, Succulent, Gorgeous, Refreshing - Nature's Treat

Fruit, Glorious Fruit - Sweet, Succulent, Gorgeous, Refreshing - Nature's Treat... Fruit is one of the most nutritious and most natural foods on Earth. It is also one of the most enjoyable. Fruit contains high quality natural liquid, unrefined sugars, natural enzymes and readily available vitamins, minerals, nutrients.

Amazing, fabulous fruit – more nutritious and sustaining than people may think…

Did you know that people can survive well on a diet of fruit? Of course, one must have knowledge and take care. But, nevertheless, fruit can be a hearty main dish.

That said, fruit is best served as a refreshing treat or luscious dessert. A more handy snack food could not be found. Comes with it’s own biodegradeable or often, edible wrapping!

Many times, the seeds of a fruit are edible and have wonderful nutrients on their own. We seldom make use of fruit seeds any more… perhaps because most folks are not aware of what’s seeds are good to eat, and what seeds are not necessarily good.

Fruits are so varietal, that it would take a full encyclopedia to mention them all.

There are the ubiquitous mainstays such as apples, oranges, peaches and pears, and of course the banana, mango, citron, lemon and lime… does your mouth water at the mere mention of Nature’s sweet or sour delicacies?

One of the most delicious and nutritious ways to serve fruit is fresh off the vine, tree or bush, with a bit of natural, organic cheese.

Another wonderful family secret is to buy a variety of fresh organic fruits, wash and cut them up into bite sized pieces, and put them is an attractive bowl in the fridge to be dispensed at random to lucky visitors, throughout the day.

Rather than grabbing a soda or candy bar, oh so much better to grab a fresh little bowl of ready to eat bite sized fruit pieces.

When they’re sweetened with a dash of organic raw honey, maple syrup or raw sugar, they’re bits of heaven whose pause lifts the spirit and energizes the body.

We will have fabulous fridge-bowl fruit recipes that will rock your socks! : )

Meanwhile, any favorites fruits can be mixed lightly. You can even put them in individual little bowls to be taken one at a time. Very very handy.

There probably isn’t a better option for light snacking that a prepared single serving sized fruitbowl treat.

Fruit can be aptly named, Nectar of the gods! : ) More coming real soon!

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