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Dying Rich Young Man Learns Secret

UPDATE: 2:19 1/22/2009

There was a rich, young man…

Okay. To be perfectly honest, Yummy Delicious Foods has a bit of an agenda. Yes, we’re all about Yummy Delicious Food. But we’re also about Healthy food. Mon Dieu! Now, consider…

Could Yummy, Delicious Food be Healthy? Really? All the Time? Nah… Yes? Even if it could, which it couldn’t… harumph.

Here’s a little story…

Once upon a time, around the 1800s, there was a rich young man who ate and lived as if there was no tomorrow. Not a thing was denied this comely and personable fellow. His family

was one of the richest in the land.

At the ripe old age of 35, he became ill. Deathly ill. Terminably, ILL.

He was finally forced to accept that his days were numbered, his physical ailments, resultant pain and discomfort insurmountable and unbearable, and his only hope as quick demise.

However… his physicians did caution him to consider eating a special, healthy (and mind you, ghastly) invalid diet of incorruptable blandness, so that in his last days, he be spared as

much suffering as possible.

Their prognosis? Hopeless. All their methods had been met with utter failure.

Even though this still young had been a riotous youth given to grandest overindulgences, he was nevertheless determined and spirited, refusing to fully give up all hope.

He decided that he wanted to live. He researched his options most carefully, and became fastidious in his choice of nourishment. There were no medicines, no methods of healing that had any effect whatsoever.

If he were to have any salvation, it would have to be in the form of food, only. It was the last determinate factor.

To the utter amazement of his physicians, he gradually, slowly began to recover.

Gradually, slowly, his pain diminished, his eyesight and hearing returned, his joints grew stronger, his demise less imminent.

Within one and a half years, he was once again strong and vibrant.

He experienced the occasional relapse to his old ways – but even the smallest slip brought his illnesses back with a vengeance.

So, he became most diligent and loyal to his new method of eating, gradually developing a diet so delicious, so nourishing, so sublime, that he lived the rest of his days in unparalleled

joy and so that “every moment became more perfect than the last.”

He lived well into his 90s despite his youthful impairments, and died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his loved ones.

His story is very illustrative…

The taste and form of his diet surpassed the finest foods in all the world, rebuilding and restoring him to complete health.

During the rest of his days, he had no one ache and pain while he adhered to his regimen. He remained vigorous and strong up to his very last moments, able to ride his horse with

impunity, fully energtic and vital.

THAT, my friends, is what Yummy Delicious Food. com is all about.

Sublime health, sublime taste and pleasure in the eating.

We will explore this amazing man and his diet in depth. To join us, sign up here, for we look forward to have an illustrious and pleasant community with you and others for a long and happy while.

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