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Borders Books - Halcyon Days Gone By

Borders Books - Halcyon Days Gone By

Update 2012…
Alas! Border’s is no longer with us as of January, 2012.

This sweet oasis of comfort, warmth, deliciousness and conviviality, generously overflowing with a plethora of fine reading materials, closed its North County doors to us forever in late 2011.

The piece below was written back in 4/21/2009 when dreams were starting to make a comeback, hopes were running high, and coffee shops abounded at every corner.

I will always remember fondly those halcyon moments of  idyllic bliss…

Sometimes, in the deepening evenings, there would be a drizzling, early winter rain. Nothing beckoned more sweetly than the bookstore’s glimmering, golden lights in the darkening mist. We would trip in lightly, shake ourselves, and settle in for a bit of sweet sublime coffee and a snuggly read.

We read, perused, bought our favorites, nestled contentedly amidst the rustling of fresh, new paper and the soft laughter of fellow happy customers.  These memories shall remain with us forever. Thank you Borders, for the times of a lifetime.


April 4th, 2009…

Borders coffee shop late at night...

Borders coffee shop late at night...

There is something sweetly sublime about hanging out in a warm and orangy bookstore with a fresh organic hot delicious creamy coffee drink in one hand and a cold butter crust lemon bar with sweet crumb topping of the highest quality, in the other.
This is the cafe, you see… Lovely smooth warm wood tables and chairs, cushy pillowy arm chairs, the earthy soft whiff of fresh brewing coffee, warm toast, sweet hot frosting.

Can you smell sweet? Is it the faintest aroma of cinnamon? Butter? Vanilla?

Yes, our local Border’s Books takes the pastry cake. Evidently Seattle’s Best scoured our local bakeries – even provided custom recipes.

Ah, that’s what it is! They commandeered special local bakeries.

Perhaps I’ve written about this before, well… I shall revisit my previous post. Repetition is… good.

Now there’s Barnes and Noble not too far away, resplendent with a lovely Starbucks.

Studying, reading always goes a bit easier at the Bookstore cafe. Why is that?

Studying, reading always goes a bit easier at the Bookstore cafe. Why is that?

But our Borders features pastries of a different ilk that only come from Seattle’s Best Cafe, who, by the way, was bought out by Starbucks.

But, nevermind that – Starbucks wisely maintains Seattle’s Best individuality with their Organics and other deliciously roasted signature Seattle’s Best coffee blends.

Now the pastries ARE different from each coffee house. Seattle’s Best cookies are especially chewy and filled with homemade natural flavors.

The lemon bars are the way lemon bars OUGHT to be. Most of the time. Sometimes they must use another bakery that doesn’t quite do it as well as the usual supplier.

We’re in the San Diego area. Wherever you are would probably make a difference… but perhaps not.

You might want to try their marshmallow chocolatey bar.  About two inches tall, formidably inviting. You can’t miss it – it’s jutting almost to the ceiling.

Whatever you do, don’t pass by the lemon bars… although, the raspberry scones are another premier offering.

Yes, I’ve definitely written about Border’s before – I remember now.

Those halcyon evenings at Borders Books - delights of times gone by... In the quiet of the night, sit down, relax a spell at the local bookstore cafe

Those halcyon evenings at Borders Books - delights of times gone by

The thing is this… do we want Border’s to go the way of say, Linens and Things? No? Then patronize your local bookstores. Have a treat or two on occasion.

Enjoy the moment, savor your beverage, peruse the latest book offerings. Sit down in the warm, rosy cafe, read a magazine.

Bring your laptop. Spread the wealth, or your hard earned pennies, at least.

The other evening, it rained cats and dogs – a rain drench, cloud pour. We all watched the glittering drops in the lights outside while we remained warm and snug inside.

It was the last of April’s nighttime Spring showers.

People turned and looked at each other, smiled, watched, then turned back to their reading and relaxing.

Yes, life can indeed be quite yummy and delicious. Note: Ask the friendly staff to warm up your fresh baked treats just a tad… scrumptious. Oh, and tell them I sent you. : )

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