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Margaritas, Fresh Seafood – Summery Winter in San Diego

UPDATE: 2:19 1/18/2009

San Diego & Sweet Salty Margarita…s

Welcome from the clear, blue skyed warmth of sunny San Diego.

No matter that we’re experiencing El Nino’s Saharan winds – incendiary gusts of dry hot air that sweep across the deserts out to sea…

While other areas sport zero below weather, we slather on the suntan lotion and hit the beaches.

Time for cold and sweet salted margaritas, hot fresh French onion Swiss Cheese Soup, fresh broiled mahi mahi with Almond Macadamia crunch crust, colorful stir fry vegetables piled

high on fluffy jasmine rice, crisped peppery sweet potato fries and cold luscious Key Lime Pie.

As the sun sets to the West, water glistening in the dusk, it’s another balmy evening that cools quickly to a chill night.

Then, stars slowly start to sparkle over the sea while moonlight spills onto orange lit bistros nestled on wooden piers lined with weekend party goers.

And that’s what we have to contend with during the mysterious days of Southern California’s Summer-Winter days.

What does this mean for the weight conscious, after the passing of the glorious, indulgent holidays?

Why, dieting and exercise, of course. Beachfront bikeways are crowded with joggers. Sweating, huffing, puffing, determined.

San Diego can be unforgiving. No bulky coats and sweaters to disquise excess jiggle. You can run, but you can’t hide. The only answer? Lose! Weight, that is.

Next week, we examine 5 of the hottest diets. Do they work? What’s special about each of them? Who’s doing them? What’s the newest?

No matter where you are, North, South, East or West, it’s the New Year – time for Renewal, and Reduction! : )

Happy Losing, Refining, Toning and Buffing! See you tomorrow!

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