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YummyDelicious.com - Millions of People live on a vegetarian diet and are extremely healthy, strong, long-lived and vigorous. They mix the right foods together for optimum nutrition. With the skillful use of spices and seasonings, many of the dishes are said to far surpass meat in taste. Above: A mix of both fresh and lightly grilled organic peppers, onions, fresh and sundried tomatoes and delicately seasoned rice in baked zucchini boats topped with sliced scallions.

YummyDelicious.com - Millions of People live on a vegetarian diet and are extremely healthy, strong, long-lived and vigorous. They mix the right foods together for optimum nutrition. With the skillful use of spices and seasonings, many of the dishes are said to far surpass meat in taste. Above: A mix of both fresh and lightly grilled organic peppers, onions, fresh and sundried tomatoes and delicately seasoned rice in baked zucchini boats topped with sliced scallions.

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(Editor’s Note: We here at Yummy Delicious Food do not deplore nor eschew meat. Some of us do eat meat. Nevertheless, we present alternative points and views here. And, we always DO encourage the consumption of organic, humanely raised animal products.)

Happy Wednesday, All!

Someone had mentioned to us that their vegetarian experience had been less than awesome. They had lived on a diet of brown rice, tofu and vegetables, gaining 50 pounds still hungry all the time and feeling generally dissatisfied.

They also added that they knew plenty of, “pale, wrinkled, weak-looking, gray-haired “veggies” (especially those who’ve been “meat-free” for years).”

We have seen the same – in fact, one quote we once heard claimed that vegetarians looked like “transparent praying mantises.”

Well and most interesting said.

However we add the following points to consider…

Vegetarianism is one of the world’s most successful cuisines. But, brown rice is an absolute no-no. Brown rice can get rancid within hours of harvest.

Rancidity and oxidation are not life threatening; but the free radicals CAN spur aging and cellular damage. Very rancid rice bran oil as well as other vegetable and animal oils can be carcinogenic.

There’s a reason why the Orient uses white rice… it’s not just because of taste. Rice bran and germ are extremely nutritious but must be consumed immediately upon plucking. Otherwise, the bran and germ need to be removed.

Tofu MUST be TRULY and PROPERLY fermented, derived solely from organic non GMO soybeans. Since most soy are genetically spliced and diced hybrids infused with odd, even horrifying genomes, soy must be very carefully sourced.

Tofu is generally considered more a supplement than a staple.

To be a successful vegetarian, one must blend their legumes, seeds, whole grains, soaked, sprouted prepared properly (age old recipes) along with greens, fruits, other sundries.

When done properly, vegetarians live longer, look younger, have far fewer afflictions than counterpart meat eaters. Additionally, vegetarianism can be quite economical in comparison to a carnivorous diet.

Humane organic milk, honorably killed humane organic meat is a delicious addition, but may not actually necessary to health.

Now in truth, pound for pound, meat, milk and eggs are the most highly concentrated nutrient dense food source.

Carnivores have stalwart gastro-intestinal systems specifically designed to extract such meat and blood derived nourishment. Because their systems are stressed and strained in a different fashion than herbivore systems, carnivores generally have shorter lifespans.

(But carnivores do have alot of fun along the way with the stalking, killing, blood lust and satiation.) (Veggie picking is not quite the same is it?) : )

Again, most studies have indicated that higher meat diets lead to more health problems at an earlier age.

Some people are not willing to eat a vegetarian diet that would be commensurate to a meat and milk diet. Understandable.

In fact, we very much subscribe to “moderation in most all things.” But we emphasize that vegetarianism can be profoundly successful when properly practiced.

We totally accept that and only hope people will choose ORGANIC HUMANE meat and milk more and more.

But the true vegetarian properly practiced is a person beautiful to behold.

Here in North County where we live, there are 60 year old vegetarians who look 35. Quite a few in fact!

The local health store clerks never believe these folks when they ask for their senior discount.

Funny, true, and delightful!

Unfortunately in America, vegetarian has become a fad with every well intentioned Tom, Dick and Harry spouting veggie awesome something or other. Gourmet vegetarian restaurants are cropping up like feathers on a chick. Cookbooks feature elegant delicious meat substitutions.

(tastes like meat, looks like meat, acts like meat, isn’t meat!)

This is all fine, and can be quite delicious.

Honestly, however… few have the time, the budget, the dehydrator, the skill, the will. True vegism can be much easier than that. Simple. Sustaining.

You might have to order 13 dishes of the same veggie gourmet presentation to get your fill.

One might consider turning to age old vegetarianism that the ancient civilizations used and still use in India, Japan and elsewhere.

Eating raw does not necessarily mean right… eating veggies does not ensure health.

Like all things, vegetarianism must be practiced with wisdom.

Nothing really good is super easy requiring no knowledge or experience…

Our elders, our history teaches us.

Let us know your thoughts! : )

Vegetarian Food is ever increasing in popularity. Some of the most beautiful and talented moviestars are vegan.

When done right, vegans are more likely to have greater health than meat eaters.

One of the most interesting experiences with vegetarianism begins with the Bible Story of Daniel.

When Daniel was a very young man, he was brought before the King of the Land to learn the ways of the Chaldeans. He was chosen for his intelligence, comeliness, strength, agility.

He was to be fed the King’s food – dainties, meats, vegetables and fruits of all sorts.

Daniel asked that he be allowed to eat only “pulse..” a special vegetable diet. His caretaker was very concerned for it was important for Daniel to be strong and healthy.

However, Daniel offered to do a test. He would eat this special vegetable diet for only 10 days and review his health and progress.

The caretaker was amazed to discover that the natural vegetable and water diet left Daniel fairer of countenance and heartier of physique than the others who were partaking of the King’s luxurious food and wine.

From that day forward, Daniel was allowed to eat his special vegetarian diet.

Here’s more information regarding Daniel’s Diet.

A Successful Vegetarian Diet

Being a successful and healthy vegetarian means more than simply subsisting on non-meat products.

It actually means eating a variety of vegetables and fruits that provide all the nutrients required for good health.

What’s the proper way? How complicated is it? How difficult? Do you have to mix foods together so that their proteins, vitamins and minerals complement each other?

The Proper Way The proper way is to use the same techniques passed down through thousands of years of experience of various cultures, civilizations and religious groups.

How Complicated? Not complicated at all. Fortunately, the things that work well together, taste good together. A few simple rules and you’re good to go.

How difficult? A vegetarian diet can be very simple. But, if you want to create exotic and complicated dishes, you can end up spending all day creating masterpieces of culinary magnificence.

But generally, a vegetarian diet can be a thing of ease, convenience, economy and satisfaction.

Combining Vegetables for Maximum Nutrition Most vegetarian recipes automatically combine grains with beans, dairy products, peas, nuts or seeds.

Perhaps the reason is that one group may be lower in Lysine, a necessary protein, while the other group may be high in lysine.

All eight necessary amino acids can be obtained by mixing various grains with nuts, seeds, peas, beans.

Some have said that it isn’t necessary to combine such foods during the same meal. So, there’s a bit of a debate. However, it seems to just make sense to combine foods together for palability and complementary nutrients. No harm done!


1.   If possible, ALWAYS sprout your grains, seeds, nuts, peas or beans. During the sprouting process, nutrients and enzymes are created and released and greatly enhance the nutritive value.

Sprouts can be considered a miracle food as they provide all the nutrients to sustain life. Of course eating them raw in healthiest, but cooking them is common and very tasty. Truly sprouted breads are sweet from the sugars created during sprouting.

Soaked breads are not sweet and the sprout germs may not have actually germinated fully.

2.   Always include lots of greens. Greens are hugely nutritious. Kale, Romaine, Collards, Cabbages, Lettuces, brussel sprouts, parsley, watercress, cilantro, the darker and richer the green, the better. Unless of course, you’re eating red cabbage or Red or Golden Swiss Chard.

3.   Seeds are very rich – a few go far. They are rich in oils and go rancid quite easily. Store carefully, airtight containers, cold storage.

4.   Smell your brown rice. If it has the merest machine oil smell, it’s rancid. Rice germ oil goes rancid within hours of harvesting. This may explain why white rice is a staple and brown rice a Western phenomena.

5.   Whenever possible, eat raw. Use clean preparation methods. To clean vegetable, rinse thoroughly.

You can wash with sea or other natural salt. Another safe wash is an inexpensive form of drinking alcohol such as filtered vodka, sake or grain alcohol in a spray bottle. Rinse. You can cut grain alcohol with water. Rinse salt off.

6.   Grow your own little herb garden. You will be most pleasantly surprised how incredibly delicious home grown herbs and seasonings can be. They do not taste like their dried counterparts.

Fresh herbs are like heaven above – dried herbs are dead in comparison. However, some dried herbs provide their own unique and unmistakable flavorings.

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