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Tynt Tracer – Trace Who Copies Your Site


Update 5:28 PM 4/17/2009: Not quite sure whether I will continue to use this tool on the site. It works quite well, but is it a bit over the top? Does it wander a teeny bit into the realm of intrusiveness for my visitors?
As websites become more and more “gadgetty” and “widgetty,” they also lose their friendliness.
Suddenly, as a visitor, I’m reminded that I’m just a statistic to be analyzed and mined for my monetary contributary possiblities.
I’m not quite so happy about that… It can be a bit disquieting and not very conducive to establishing a relationship of trust and comfort between website owner and visitor.
Of course one needs to mention that if a website provides a myriad of free services or lots of beneficial free information, the gathering of statistics to help monetize one’s site is understandable. There seems to be a delicate balance between crass and creative online marketing.
However, regarding this tool…
The one thing I like in particular is that it creates a friendly little link back and doesn’t seem to be too intrusive otherwise. It doesn’t capture the IP address, for instance. I actually like that.

I just logged into my Tynt panel and saw that 356 words have been copied by 3 people. Actually, I’m a bit flattered and happy. They might be using the information for their own personal use, or perhaps on Stumbleupon or Del.icio.us or Facebook, who’s to know? Are they using it on their own website? Not sure.
But one thing is evident… copying just a little here and there and allowing the link to remain is a good thing – good for me, good for the copier.

After reflection, I am still liking this tool! : )

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This is a very interesting tool. Once it’s installed on your website with a tiny javascript code, it lets you know whenever anyone copies your site. It also creates a link back to your site so you will get credit. Great idea, and seems like a pretty good implementation.

“When your content is copied, Tracer automatically adds an attribution link to claim it as yours.”
Read more: “Tynt Tracer: What’s being copied from your site?” – http://tynt.com/#ixzz0Cua7fYOE&A

“Tracer gives you actionable insight into what content your users find most engaging.”
Read more: “Tynt Tracer: What’s being copied from your site?” – http://tynt.com/#ixzz0CuZv3o8a&A

“Tracer drives traffic back to your site using your copied content with no extra effort or cost.”
Read more: “Tynt Tracer: What’s being copied from your site?” – http://tynt.com/#ixzz0Cua1NBNM&A

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