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Seduced by an Apple Grown by the Dedicated Hand of an Organic Farmer

Organic Apple

These organic red delicious apples at only 99¢ blew us away. Fully 4 inches across, they were particularly sweet and flavorful. Grown by Vivatierra Farms.

Seduced by an apple… No wonder the Biblical Adam of the original first family, Adam and Eve, was so easily swayed to partake of that famous apple in the Garden of Eden.

Of course, notwithstanding any allegorical inferences…

Perhaps he might have felt as we did when we purchased Red Delicious Apples from our local health food store for the mere price of 99 cents per pound.

Some dear, hard working organic farmer worked very hard to grow these beauties. Large, succulent, tender yet crisp, juicy yet firm, they were perfectly sweet with a most delicate and marvelous apple flavor.

It must have been a very good year for this particular apple crop. We can only hope that the farmer was worthily recompensed so that he or she is able to farm again for the next year.

At 99 cents per pound, we felt a little like highway robbers.

We’ve been back many times since… the store was kind enough to maintain this price for the entire harvest. Lucky lucky us.

Perhaps you also have such great good fortune where you are.

After all, nothing can be sweeter and more delicious than apples from New England and the North Eastern Seaboard of the US.

Golden brown tingly sweet cidar with just the right bite and fresh flavor like a just picked apple.

Macintosh apples that are more mouthwatering than steak and potatoes. Yes, we’ve tasted those in our family’s travels.

Our particular Red Delicious apples are from Vivatierra Farms. (vivatierra.com) Thank you, Vivatierra. Your hard labor has greatly enhanced our lives.

Note: Tonight, so far, I’ve eaten 3. With a bit of raw milk cheddar cheese, the cut apple slices make a snack of champions, fit for a king. Tidbit of cheese, bite of apple, tidbit cheese, apple bite. Heavenly.

Fresh sweet fruit is a luxury. Candy with a stem. You can mosy over to Vivatierra and see if they ship to your area. If so, feel very lucky. For you might be able to sink your teeth into one of the most delicious apples we’ve ever had the pleasure of having, ever.

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