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Resveratrol – Fountain of Youth?

The following product may help with disease, extend and improve longevity, increase the possiblity of experiencing and sharing things yummy and delicious. You decide.

The following report was on 60 Minutes, lending it a certain credibility. The head researcher is Harvard trained, and the company he formed to research this product has been sold to GlaxoSmithKline for a reported three quarters of a billion dollars.

(Unfortunately, this video begins with an image of a caged
research monkey. We thought long and hard about reporting
on this piece for that very reason.)

For those with the time and income, the quest for the Fountain of Youth never ends.

We’ve heard about healthy aspects of red wine. Evidently, the skin of red grapes contain a compound called ‘resveratrol.” This compound contains higher levels of antioxidants which supposedly counteract harmful precursors to the symptoms of aging, such as wrinkling and skin mottling.

This 60 Minutes piece features a researcher who believes that concentrated, synthetic reservatrol supplements may significantly reduce symptoms of aging,  and the complications of disease.

He feels the research results thus far are little short of astounding.

Each tablet may contain the same amount of reservetrol as 1000 bottles of red wine. He hopes to bring out a pill for consumers within 5 years, and is getting ready for human clinical trials soon.

What does Yummy Delicious think about all of this? Well, we’ve heard about innumerable anti-aging remedies. We’ve all noticed how aging movie stars seem to magically regain their youthful good looks and vitality.

How do they do this? After all, they are ordinary, regular folk as all of us, and are genetically equivalent to most all of us. They do not have "super genes," as many might want to believe.

What they do have is access to the best and most effective anti-aging medical and cosmetic treatments in the world.

After all, their incomes as well as the incomes of large corporations depend upon their vitality, presence and appearance.

Whatever these stars and performers are doing, is working. They go to spas, eat very special and oftentimes spartan high nutrition diets to look and perform their best, especially when being filmed before the uncompromising camera. They are on strict exercise regimens.

And, they use methods and procedures not availabe to the general public.

It is not unreasonable to assume that they are privy to such aids as resveratrol and other anti-aging information before the general public, and that many of these products actually do work.

We’ve all seen it on the widescreen. For example, you might have noticed a number of very beautiful actresses losing their good looks after the age of 35 or so. They have developed jowls, puffiness, wrinkles, cellulite, hair changes.

Then, in a new movie, they appear decades younger with smooth unblemished skin, tight calves and thighs, glowing complexions and luxurious, shiny hair.

Obviously, some of these products and procedures are very effective, if only for the short term. Lately, it seems that it’s more for the long term.

What does this mean for you and me? Well, for one thing, it’s probably going to be an expensive proposition to regularly purchase these anti-aging supplements. Furthermore, one has to question whether the synthetic versions of these drugs will have side effects and be as effective as the natural extracts, even if one does have the requisite budget.

So we’re not quite sure whether these products will work, even though they seem to work on mice. However, between 90% to 99% of products that work on mice have little or no effect on people. (We deplore the little mice forced to run – hopefully not to utter, cruel exhaustion… an aside, and we apologize. : )

Nevertheless, it is inevitable that the path to eternal youth will be powdered, littered with and overrun with all sorts of chemicals, treatments and procedures. Some will work, some won’t.
The proof will be in the face of our most famous and rich.

If you do stay younger longer, healthier longer, there’s little to argue against. That would just mean you would be able to happily extend the possibility of a life filled with yummy, delicious possibilities.

We would encourage all those fortunate enough to be able to afford these products to consider helping others along the way.

Meanwhile, if we come up with more information, we will post it here.

Yummy Delicious Footnote: If a product is able to stem disease, alleviate suffering and cause little of no side effects, we find it valuable to report even if we disagree with the research methods. We were particularly affected by the concept of keeping monkeys in small cages for their entire lifetimes of over 25 years. Yummy Delicious is very much against animal research, but nevertheless, are still willing to feature scientific information that can benefit all.

Perhaps in the future we will preclude all dissemination all information that harms the most innocent. At this time, we leave the perogatives entirely up to you.

Another point is whether life extension for only those who are rich is equitable, even beneficial for society as a whole. Again, it’s your perogative. We report, you choose.

Another point: We are of the mind that any artificially created high concentrations of any chemical compounds may not be the best way to ingest nutrients and medicine. Again… we leave the final decision what to accept or not accept up to you.

Are we all looking for the magical, profitable panacea? It is food for thought.

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