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Surprise! Did you think restaurants were indoor edifices? Did you forget how wonderful it was to dine outside by the sea? If you haven't tried it, you must... If you have tried it, you must do it again... and again.

Surprise! Did you think restaurants were indoor edifices? Did you forget how wonderful it was to dine outside by the sea? If you haven't tried it, you must... If you have tried it, you must do it again... and again.

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TODAY’S UPDATE: Are you in the United States? If so, use this handy link to find restaurants in your location, with maps. It’s more complete than other listing sites and we’ve been pleased with the results: http://switchboard.com/Restaurants

If you are in Greece, how about trusting Frommers? Yes, Frommers has rather good taste with lots of experience.
Wish we were there to check out the validity of their claims.

For the most amazing choices for restauranting, two website stand out. One is the Food Channel, and the other is the Travel Channel. In particular, Bobby Flay has a way with finding the best unique restaurants for his “Throw Downs.” Here’s the show link: http://foodnetwork.com/bobby… If Bobby Flay ate all that he cooked, he would be 3,000 pounds. : )

For pure, unadulterated Food a la Yummy Delicious Fattening, “Drive-ins, Diners and Dives” has an awesome selection with that ever bubbly Guy Fieri: http://foodnetwork.com/guy

Finally, to top off and round out today’s little listy-poo of eats to die for (and because of :O), we have to mention Anthony Bourdain’s Travels Around the Globe. To prove how unbiased we are, we deplored with great angst, Mr. Bourdain’s partaking of a gruesome slaughter of a sweet, innocent little lamb named “Buddy,” or something rather similar. Maybe “Patches.”

Nevertheless, when it comes to World Eats, Mr. Bourdain has salivary tales to tell. Here’s his link of locations and experiences. The one restaurant in some hidden kingdom with 3,000 waiters was rather entrancing. If you find that show, forward the link to us, will you? That had us completely mesmerized.

Well folks, that should keep you hurtling past Go on your way to utter bliss. Please share with us your sordid, delicious tales for us to post on this webby site –
enjoy! : )

Restaurants are little island comfort stations set amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Often, they are a chef’s expression of his or her life’s longings and desires. Or, they should be. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Pray tell! Con’d below…

For us, it would have to be Dennys. The simple reason is that when one of us was hiking abroad for the summer, she couldn’t wait to get back to California just to go to Dennys and use their big, clean restrooms stocked with real, genuine, authentic, pure, unadulterated, fresh, tidy, toilet paper.

That makes Denny’s tops.

But, for deliciousness, we’re not sure Denny’s takes the cake – the only dish deserving of mention is Denny’s “fries smothered with gravy.”

You’ll have to ask them for this custom culinary masterpiece. For some odd reason, it’s not on the Menu. Huh! Talk about missed opportunities… : )

There’s this restaurant somewhere that creates new unbelievable dishes every time you order that cost $1000 or so, each. We think it might deserve an award even though we’ve never tasted the food.

We’ll just give it an honorable mention for their price’s and gall’s sake. They have true ca-honees!

Locally here in the States, we find that the best fast food dish has to be “Jack in the Box’s Breakfast Bowl with Hollandaise Sauce.” Yes, it has thin sweet slices of ham, and we hate facfrm’g, but we cannot tell a lie. This bowl does taste phenomenal as far as fast food goes. And, they use real eggs. The hashbrown finger patties on the bottom are the best flavored. Healthy? Not a bit.

For an American hamburger, “In and Out” does pretty good. Best is a cheeseburger with onion, ketchup and mustard only, extra tomato. Forget the mayo sauce – detracts from the burnt yum factor of chrystallized fat and salt. The crispy lettuce, generous slices of tomato add to the piece de la resistance effect.

Their fries are better than others – real potatoes fried fresh. High in the Pimple Manufacturing Sector? You bet. But we’re talking about taste here.

If you want the best pea soup, Pea Soup Anderson’s if they’re still around. At one time, they were stompin’ good for travelers. Hot pea soup on a cold winter’s day all you can eat… wow, what’s not to love?

Even their rolls are good.

The best restaurant of all time for our limited little experience is the buffet in Copenhagen.

The fact that the buffet line is 2 to 3 miles long extending halfway to the moon, and stocked with every seafood delicacy known to man, certainly helps.

Freshest vegetables, freshest seafood, recipes centuries old… they do have an edge for European flavor in Europe.

We could make a list of the selections, which we will during summer vacation when we have absolutely nothing else to do. But, meanwhile, bet you didn’t know there are 20 ways to fix salmon, each and every one of which is delish.

Simple Basic Copenhagen Sandwich:

Take a very thin slice of rye bread. Spread dash of fresh button. Top with organic Salmon Lox, slice of tomato, fine slice of onion, sprinkle with fresh dill and fresh ground pepper. Very very wonderful, if the salmon is top notch.

Danish and Dutch Pickled Herring is also quite wonderful instead of lox.

2 of these openfaced beauties sets you for the day.

Make sure you ONLY eat organic salmon, sustainably acquired.

Salmon is becoming a rare, precious commodity… and if we could encourage you to be a vega, we would.

Meanwhile, we cater to all folks, meat-eaters or otherwise.

Thus, recipes of almost all things.

More coming soon! : )

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