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Update: 9:33 PM 1/11/2009

List of Pet Food Ingredients to Avoid Click Here (Opens New Window)
If you see some of these pet food ingredients, you may want to switch. Some of these ingredients are less than wholesome and could cause health complications.

What Are the Best Pet Food Ingredients?
Here’s a list of high quality petfood ingredients.

Best Pet Food Ingredients List
alfalfa meal
garlic, garlic extract
rosemary extract
whole lamb meal
chicken, beef meal
rosemary extract
Vitamin C
trace minerals
mixed tocopherols
oat bran
oat groats
whole oats
dried apples
ocean fish
herring oil
menhaden fish meal
whole grain barley
whole ground wheat
ground whole sorghum
whole sweet potatoes
peas, carrots, fresh, ground, dried

Some lists may include brown rice, canola oil, fish oils, mackerel.

Brown rice, vegetables and fish oils may be given to rancidity and oxidation, while mackerel may have heavy metal contamination.

If you find a pet food that works well for your pet, you may not wish to change. Of course we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian for the best health advise.

The ideal diet for pets often can include raw food.

The best way to prepare raw meat for pets is to purchase whole chunks, then submerge chunks in boiling hot water for at least a minute or two to kill or diminish external pathogens.

The internal meat should be fine. Cut fine, looking for any nodes or odd spots. Submerge chicken meat as well.

Cooked chicken bones can be very problematic unless they are simmered a number of hours until very soft. Raw bones are considered safer – however, consult with your veterinarian for advice on this.

For your pets – only the best…

There seem to be higher rates of cancer and other illnesses with pets these days.

One of the best things you can do to insure their good health is to provide a nutritious, fresh and delicious diet.

Not hard at all – just a few facts to know, and you’re off to a great start!

When feeding your reptiles fresh vegetables, try to feed them organic varieties. The less pesticide residue and chemical contaminants, the better.

Also, naturally raised or organic produce is more likely to have higher nutritional value.

It does depend upon the farmers… most organic farmers are extremely conscientious individuals of the highest caliber who use the best methods to grow and harvest their crops.

Better for your pets – and better for you! : )

More coming soon! : )



International Delights from Around the Globe - the Best would have to be home cooking. From villages, cities, backwoods homesteads, there's a favorite in every pot. What's yours?

International Delights from Around the Globe - the Best would have to be home cooking. From villages, cities, backwoods homesteads, there's a favorite in every pot. What's yours?

International Food is a subject for a separate website all on it’s own. Maybe 100 or more websites!

What we will do here is concentrate on World Favorites that are the most highly esteemed, the most exotic and fascinating, the most classically timeless and the most YD Yummy Delicious. All this, according to our esteemed visitors and staff.

It will all be very subjective… but tastefully done! : )

Let’s start by splitting this page into 7 categories: Europe, Asia, Africa, the Northern Americas, Central and Southern Americas, Australia, and Arctic Regions. Some countries may span two or more regions.

We will cover each – won’t that be fun?? Some regions will definitely dominate… oh well!

To begin, here are some fun facts about International Cuisine.

It can be arguably claimed that the world’s favorite food is bread and pastry.

One smart fellow says that the forefather of all good modern breads and pastries is Filo dough – the perfect mixing of crispy, crunchy, tender and soft, lots of fat, perfect amounts of salt and sugar.

Thus, Greece, Italy, Northern Africa reign as the historical parent of much of the world’s most popular cuisines.

Who doesn’t love bread with tomatoes and cheese? Commonly called pizzicare or pizza, it is possibly the most popular dish in the world’s cities. There is hardly a person on Earth who doesn’t love this bread and cheese classic.

We have to mention a terrific article on Pizza via Wikipedia. Take a look at your own risk.

Next, sandwiches. Two pieces of bread slapped together with an infinite variety of fillings. Add crisp lettuce and a tasty dressing, meal in a pocket.

What about stir fry or deep fry? Portugal introduced this method of cooking to the Orient – the rest is history.

And then there’s the unparalleled selection of bite sized nuggets of pure delight – dimsum, tapas, wazwan… Bits of meat, vegetables, dough, seafood, sauces and methods of cooking that are infinite in their variety.

One meal can included 36 different mini dishes.

One word describes this all – sublime.

Whether it be rice or bread, it’s the food, the grains, that dominate as number one around the world as the Internationally favorite type of food.

Great Article on International varieties of Pizza – Wikipedia


RESTAURANTS – Recommended

Surprise! Did you think restaurants were indoor edifices? Did you forget how wonderful it was to dine outside by the sea? If you haven't tried it, you must... If you have tried it, you must do it again... and again.

Surprise! Did you think restaurants were indoor edifices? Did you forget how wonderful it was to dine outside by the sea? If you haven't tried it, you must... If you have tried it, you must do it again... and again.

Note: Links below open up a new window that may pop up behind. See your task bar at the bottom of your screen. : )

TODAY’S UPDATE: Are you in the United States? If so, use this handy link to find restaurants in your location, with maps. It’s more complete than other listing sites and we’ve been pleased with the results: http://switchboard.com/Restaurants

If you are in Greece, how about trusting Frommers? Yes, Frommers has rather good taste with lots of experience.
Wish we were there to check out the validity of their claims.

For the most amazing choices for restauranting, two website stand out. One is the Food Channel, and the other is the Travel Channel. In particular, Bobby Flay has a way with finding the best unique restaurants for his “Throw Downs.” Here’s the show link: http://foodnetwork.com/bobby… If Bobby Flay ate all that he cooked, he would be 3,000 pounds. : )

For pure, unadulterated Food a la Yummy Delicious Fattening, “Drive-ins, Diners and Dives” has an awesome selection with that ever bubbly Guy Fieri: http://foodnetwork.com/guy

Finally, to top off and round out today’s little listy-poo of eats to die for (and because of :O), we have to mention Anthony Bourdain’s Travels Around the Globe. To prove how unbiased we are, we deplored with great angst, Mr. Bourdain’s partaking of a gruesome slaughter of a sweet, innocent little lamb named “Buddy,” or something rather similar. Maybe “Patches.”

Nevertheless, when it comes to World Eats, Mr. Bourdain has salivary tales to tell. Here’s his link of locations and experiences. The one restaurant in some hidden kingdom with 3,000 waiters was rather entrancing. If you find that show, forward the link to us, will you? That had us completely mesmerized.

Well folks, that should keep you hurtling past Go on your way to utter bliss. Please share with us your sordid, delicious tales for us to post on this webby site –
enjoy! : )

Restaurants are little island comfort stations set amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Often, they are a chef’s expression of his or her life’s longings and desires. Or, they should be. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Pray tell! Con’d below…

For us, it would have to be Dennys. The simple reason is that when one of us was hiking abroad for the summer, she couldn’t wait to get back to California just to go to Dennys and use their big, clean restrooms stocked with real, genuine, authentic, pure, unadulterated, fresh, tidy, toilet paper.

That makes Denny’s tops.

But, for deliciousness, we’re not sure Denny’s takes the cake – the only dish deserving of mention is Denny’s “fries smothered with gravy.”

You’ll have to ask them for this custom culinary masterpiece. For some odd reason, it’s not on the Menu. Huh! Talk about missed opportunities… : )

There’s this restaurant somewhere that creates new unbelievable dishes every time you order that cost $1000 or so, each. We think it might deserve an award even though we’ve never tasted the food.

We’ll just give it an honorable mention for their price’s and gall’s sake. They have true ca-honees!

Locally here in the States, we find that the best fast food dish has to be “Jack in the Box’s Breakfast Bowl with Hollandaise Sauce.” Yes, it has thin sweet slices of ham, and we hate facfrm’g, but we cannot tell a lie. This bowl does taste phenomenal as far as fast food goes. And, they use real eggs. The hashbrown finger patties on the bottom are the best flavored. Healthy? Not a bit.

For an American hamburger, “In and Out” does pretty good. Best is a cheeseburger with onion, ketchup and mustard only, extra tomato. Forget the mayo sauce – detracts from the burnt yum factor of chrystallized fat and salt. The crispy lettuce, generous slices of tomato add to the piece de la resistance effect.

Their fries are better than others – real potatoes fried fresh. High in the Pimple Manufacturing Sector? You bet. But we’re talking about taste here.

If you want the best pea soup, Pea Soup Anderson’s if they’re still around. At one time, they were stompin’ good for travelers. Hot pea soup on a cold winter’s day all you can eat… wow, what’s not to love?

Even their rolls are good.

The best restaurant of all time for our limited little experience is the buffet in Copenhagen.

The fact that the buffet line is 2 to 3 miles long extending halfway to the moon, and stocked with every seafood delicacy known to man, certainly helps.

Freshest vegetables, freshest seafood, recipes centuries old… they do have an edge for European flavor in Europe.

We could make a list of the selections, which we will during summer vacation when we have absolutely nothing else to do. But, meanwhile, bet you didn’t know there are 20 ways to fix salmon, each and every one of which is delish.

Simple Basic Copenhagen Sandwich:

Take a very thin slice of rye bread. Spread dash of fresh button. Top with organic Salmon Lox, slice of tomato, fine slice of onion, sprinkle with fresh dill and fresh ground pepper. Very very wonderful, if the salmon is top notch.

Danish and Dutch Pickled Herring is also quite wonderful instead of lox.

2 of these openfaced beauties sets you for the day.

Make sure you ONLY eat organic salmon, sustainably acquired.

Salmon is becoming a rare, precious commodity… and if we could encourage you to be a vega, we would.

Meanwhile, we cater to all folks, meat-eaters or otherwise.

Thus, recipes of almost all things.

More coming soon! : )


Yummy Delicious Raw food

YummyDelicious.com - Nature in the Raw - fresh raw fuits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, plus spouted grains and legumes - believe it or not can captivate the tastebuds and create addictions for all that is right and good with the finest food. Herbs, seasonings, dehydrating and careful preparation equal stupendous flavors and textures like no other. And, your body may glow and grow more radiant and youthful.

YummyDelicious.com - Nature in the Raw - fresh raw fuits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, plus spouted grains and legumes - believe it or not can captivate the tastebuds and create addictions for all that is right and good with the finest food. Herbs, seasonings, dehydrating and careful preparation equal stupendous flavors and textures like no other. And, your body may glow and grow more radiant and youthful.

Raw food can truly be a miracle. There are hundreds of thousands, even millions of stories of how people overcame disease, obesity, illness and general ill health by simply changing their diet to include much more raw food, if not solely and wholly raw food.

The raw food diet has been accredited with innumerable claims to heal, cure, treat innumerable health problems. How does one find out if this diet could work for them? Likely one way is simply to give it a try.

It can take time to acclimate to such a diet. For one thing, the digestive system may not have the digestive capacity to deal with raw food especially if it is not chewed properly. That is why many find it much easier to juice or blend their raw fruits and vegetables.

For others, changing to a raw diet may be a more gradual procedure. It would include adding more salads, smoothies and juices to one’s current diet while incrementally increasing the amount daily or weekly.

soon, one may find that the health benefits they experience justify including many more raw fruits and vegetables until the majority of their foods are uncooked.

Many believe the healthiest food in the world is raw food.

It’s the way Nature intended for us to eat, and our systems were, and still are, specifically designed to derive maximum nutrition from it.

Other Benefits

If we do eat lots of the right raw food, interesting things are likely to happen. For instance: skin grows smoother, whites of eyes turn whiter, energy levels increases, aches and pains tend to go away, hair grows better, breath is fresher, on and on.

BUT… and there is a big BUT… (yes, even the Big But* goes away with raw food)

Who wants to eat it?? Yuck you say!

That, my friends, is indeed the dilemma.

Now if you are, say, Angelina Jolie, and you’re preparing for your next blockbuster, and the Director says, “Lose those zits and the saggy-baggys,” what do you do?

Why, you embark upon a raw regimen, lots of exercise, spa and massage stuff, and get ready to look and feel your very best.

Well, if I was to get 20 mill for my next movie, I might do all that, too. No doubt. But otherwise, why would I, or anyone, want to give up on one of Life’s GREATEST pleasures – the eating of tasty trashy dee-lightful junk food?

Let me tell you a secret… raw food can be absolutely, stunningly yummy delicious. So good, in fact, that your tastebuds will scream for more. Truth!

As you become accustomed to the raw delicacies, your body and tastebuds gradually acclimate so that the old goodies sound horrid (like greasy old fried chicken with day old biscuits), and your cravings lean towards something fresher, lighter.

Can you believe that? No? Well, it’s true! Unless you’re a diehard fast food fanatic, and your habit has become an obsession, in which case you may have to do a little higher kind of cold turkey withdrawal.

Sure, you may want to occasionally inject yourself with a dose of terrifically decadent meat, dripping with fat and oozing with sauce. If you slip, we won’t tell if you don’t.

But, hang tough – all good and great things come with a price.

Your new found glowing beauty, energy, vitality and clearer thinking will thank you for it.

So, join us in celebrating the new you with, Food in the Raw!

First Almost Raw Recipe for Raw Newbies

Assemble the following:

1 big scoop natural organic ice cream, your favorite flavor
1 organic apple with seeds
1 organic carrot
1 organic banana
1 organic orange
1 bottle of genuine sparkling mineral water
1 head of cabbage (haha! just trying to scare you – ditch the cabbage! : )

Cut up small pieces apple, carrot,  banana, peeled orange, toss into blender. Cover with sparkling mineral water. Blend to frothy goodness. Add ice cream or full cream organic yogurt. Blend a bit more, serve.

Unbelievably good.


Fresh frozen mango – wow!
Fresh Mango
Fresh or fresh frozen organic berries
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.
Fresh or high quality coconut milk – so good!!!
Add some green romaine – interesting color, can’t even taste!

Be inventive, and, drink your mistakes! : )

A fabulous fresh start to rawfoodism!

Come back soon to your next big step… we’ll be back!


Food Gardens

Best Home Grown Food Gardens

The Magic of Growing Your Own Food is that you can have the most delicious food in the world for free. The Mystery of Growing Your Own Food is how to do it right amidst all the possible pitfalls. And, there are quite a few. But, good news! They are easily overcome!

We will have all sorts of pointers and tips coming soon, but meanwhile, please enjoy our little primer on container gardening. It is being developed so that anyone can have fresh food even if the live in a little apartment, or a hut, or a motor home. Anywhere!



The first thing to know, and perhaps the most important for successful gardening, is that Heirloom growing is much easier to do than you might think. Heirloom growing is something that just about anyone can do.

If by chance you don’t succeed at first, try, try again. It will happen for you if you don’t give up.

Heirloom growing is so rewarding on so many levels.

It provides the best and most amazingly delicious healthy eating for pennies, beautiful greenery and fresh plant oxygenation around you all the time, the opportunity to be close to Nature within the comfort of your own home. How convenient, soothing and healing.  And money saving.

Peppermint and Lobelia together in a pot

Peppermint and Lobelia together in a pot

You can grow year round, indoors or out. If you grow indoors during winter, you can buy a little growlight or use small florescent overheads or the newer and long lasting full spectrum LED lights.

One very handy device for indoor growing is a little pushcart or platform on wheels that can be easily moved from one window to another. Just put your containers on the multilevel cart, rotate them and push them to the windows with the most light. You can even include lighting on the cart that can plugged in wherever you go. Have an extension cord on the cart as well.

But, be careful not to trip on the cord. Also, be sure to keep your cords and light dry when misting or watering.

method of indoor growing

To start, soak your seeds overnight in a small amount of clean, fresh water so that they get a chance to absorb all the moisture they need.

After their soaking, you can then plant them into your moist natural super soil 1/4 to 1/2 inch beneath the surface.

Sprouts First Sunlight

Sprouts First Sunlight

They like the dark. They will not need direct sunlight for several weeks. In fact, direct sun is not good for young sprouts and seedlings.

We like to plant two sprouts together. Perhaps they like a friend to compete with.

Below is a picture of self-contained, simple, transparent 4 by 6 inch plastic containers with nutritious volcanic pumice and super soil.

The soil is reusable year after year and will retain nutrients.

Each container is watered through the straw – the water goes down into the volcanic pumice reservoir. The special, natural soil remains moist and just the right consistency.

The plants above are very special mesclun mixed Heirloom tomatoes and sweet romaine lettuce. You may see moss growing – this indicates nutritious soil. The above baby seedlings are only a week or so, old.

Below is a picture after another week or so.

Here’s another picture after a few more days:

They grow quickly and beautifully in their self-contained system.

Here, they are several weeks old and growing very well.
They are sitting in a small, regular sized dishpan so that you can see their size. These heirloom tomatoes are a lovely mesclun mixture so each plant will be different.

Here’s a closeup pic – notice their healthy growth! They have only been given water twice through their straws.


The soil is completely natural and may contain little earthworms or rosy soil worms that are so good for the soil.

If you find a little worm, just put him in your garden or put him in a safe and moist garden spot in your area.

Earthworms are extremely valuable and contribute a great deal of healthy components to the Earth.

Simply take a regular clean container with a little spout and squeeze water through the straw. The water will go down into the natural volcanic pumice reservoir. The roots will gravitate down and be able to have a drink whenever they like.

If your soil seems a little dry, you can squeeze water directly onto the soil and let it infuse the soil beneath.

You can use a little stick to keep your straw clear. You may not find this necessary. Our little kits come with a little bamboo stick.

Just water when the container seems light in weight, the soil appears dryer, and the reservoir is empty. Be sure to not allow your grow kit to become too dry.


We grow in containers that are common and can be easily obtained. That way, we can more easily insure that our methods will work for as many people as possible.

A regular plastic transparent storage bin from Target…

Here’s a peek into the bin a few days after we first planted our little romaine seedlings.

They seem a little wobbly… They’re babies!

Look how they’ve grown after 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

Below, see the before and after. We always keep the lid partially on, with a space to allow fresh air through.

Below, we have raised the lid on little redwood sticks from Home Depot. This allow the lettuce to grow tall, have fresh air, help retain moisture in the special soil, and still be protected from the direct sun.

Remember – the transparent sides provide just the right amount of light.


Below, you will see an heirloom tomato planted in a transparent 10 inch bucket from Home Depot. At the bottom is an inch layer of clean Volcanic Pumice. Above is a nice amount of high quality natural organic special super soil that we highly recommend.

Notice the 1/2 inch straw? You can water your bucket through the straw so that the water goes into the pumice reservoir.

We cut out a round plastic top from a used plastic bag. If you prefer, you can use a glass or ceramic container. With a glass container, you will be able to see your whole plant and the level of water.

Plastic seems to be perfectly safe for growing. We don’t recommend letting your containers stay in the full sun, uncovered.

The best light for your containers is morning and dusk sunlight. We use filtered light through the day on outside shelves from Home Depot or any hardware or lumber store.


We raise worms in bins for our own containers and garden. We let water collect on the bottom (keep the container tilted so the worms can stay out of the excess moisture), and mix the worm soil soak with our natural super soil. Our heirloom plants love it.

Here are some of our simple worm bins in a cool, shady spot.

The worms can make beautiful soil when they are happy and well cared for.

Here is an image of wormsoil soak with just natural forest product and that’s all.

Wormsoil soak is wonderful.

We will have more information for you, soon!

Email us with your questions at:
support.urgent@gmail.com or sdaff@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing about your gardening experiences!

If you want us to send you ready-to-go little kits, we will charge $5.00 each.

Each little kit will come with:
–  special natural super soil
–  inserted straw and stick
–  clean volcanic pumice
–  wormsoil soak
–  scored lid with air holes
–  plastic container
–  and, ofcourse, don’t forget your Heirloom seeds at 99 cents per package.

Would you like a little mini-greenhouse?

Click HERE. Thanks to Joni for providing link and pictures!

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Do’s and Don’ts

Food Hints, Tips, Caution, Advice, Care

Natural and Organic

Try to incorporate more natural and organic foods. For one, you will be lessening the amount of pesticides, chemicals, hormones and additives in your diet. For another, you will be supporting sustainable and renewable farming methods. Support your local organic farmers by buying directly at your local farmer’s market. Online, you may like Amazon’s natural and organic selection.


Tricks of the Trade for Tender, Moist, Juicy and Flavorful Turkey


• Good quality fresh turkey wiped with butter
• Unbleached Cheesecloth with Unsalted Butter
• Or: Cook In Oven Bag with Mixed Vegetables
• Minimal or No Salt for Cooking
• Slow Roasting
• Instant Meat thermometer – 165 Degrees
• Let Turkey Site 10-20 minutes before serving

• Partially Roast Upside Down
• Salt and Sugar Soak only if absolutely necessary

One of the techniques often used to keep turkey moist and juicy is called “brining.” Brining a turkey requires that it be submerged completely in a solution of salt, usually one cup for a turkey.

Some advise adding an equal amount of sugar to disguise the saltiness. Although the taste may seem less salty, the sodium content still remains very high.

Additionally, much of the turkey’s natural juices are leached into the salt solution which is discarded.

Sugar and salt are flavor enhancers, and “trick” the palate into interpreting the food as having more “body,” “richness,” and “taste.” High sugar and salt “overwhelm” the taste buds.

True gourmets and natural growers deplore this method. Not only is it possibly covering up an inferior bird, but has health ramifications with the extremely high level of salt.

What to do?

Method One
It is recommended that one purchase as fresh a bird as possible that has been raised in an open, free environment, allowed to roam and graze at will and fed organic food. There’s William Sonoma, Lobel’s, Local Harvest, Cocofeed Turkeys and Heritage Turkeys and Meat for Starters.

Such birds will be more delectable and delicious that factory raised birds. Using such a bird precludes brining as a necessary step.

Using the below methods in addition, will only enhance the quality of the meat.

Not all can afford this type of quality. In this case, there are additional methods that may be quite effective for moist and juicy turkey without health repurcussions.

Method Two
Drench Cheesecloth in unsalted butter or a good quality organic vegetable oil that’s fresh, covering all exposed areas of the turkey with cloth, while roasting. (You can use a cheesecloth inside the bird to hold stuffing. Then, pulling out the last bits of stuffing are a breeze.)

Cook as usual. Low heat works better than high heat.

Remove cloth when you take bird from the oven. Your bird should be golden brown, moist and delicious. If you wish, you can roast bird for a minute or two without the cloth.

Using as little salt as possible, if any, in the marinade will help prevent the excessive “drawing” out of juices from the bird while cooking. Salt can be sprinkled later.

Method Three

Use an oven roasting bag. Enclose turkey surrounded by cut vegetables inside the bag and fold over. Bake according to bag instructions. If properly done, meat will be moist and juicy.

As far as using a wine, Worcestershire or fruit juice marinade, oftentimes making a delicious gravy or sauce with left over juices and marinade reduction is especially delicious.

The meat will be sweet, tender and naturally flavorful, while the sauce or gravy will add just the right amount of sweet and salty seasoning.

Reduce your marinade to 50% while the turkey is cooking. Be sure not to use too much salt. Then, add natural turkey juices before serving.

We recommend against using brining if at all possible. Even though the meat may be tasty, it is a “fool-the-taste-buds” method. Additionally, the extremely high level of sodium in not to anyone’s benefit.

Happy Eating!


Hard Times

Hard Times Befall Many. Ideas, Hints, Tips, Tricks!

More, please! I mean, Any, please

"More, please! I mean, any, please." It may not be quite like the days of Old England, with little orphan Olivers being fed a bit of gruel constantly hungering for more. But today, many must find ways of frugality and budgeting carefully for maximum value.

Hard times are a fact of life for many. But, we all must keep going helping each other keep spirits up and good thoughts and actions flowing.

This page was created because we all need to save money and find ways to be successful while helping each other, while sharing ideas on how to save money, pinch pennies while still enjoying tasty and delicious meals.

We do all need to contribute in order for the world go ’round comfortably and successfully, the way it should be, always with the help of inertia, of course! : )

Update: 2:45 PM 12/9/2008 PST
Classic HoeCakes
Delicious, Economical, Nourishing on Our Recipes Page!

To start, here are some pointers to begin with regarding

Yummy Delicious Food and Saving Money – 10 Little Hints and Tips

1. Big Hint! If you can sprout your beans before you cook them, you will add so much incredibly good nutrients to your diet, for free! That goes for seeds, as well! Do you need instructions? (Bottom of this page) Also, it will SAVE COOKING TIME, thus, energy!

2. If you eat meat, save your bones! You can make a very nice soup. When you simmer poultry bones until they are very soft, you can actually eat them or feed them to your pet. All the marrow and bone is very, very nutritious. The broth will be yummy delicious for your soup, as well.

3. Less is best. Did you know that most people eat more than they really need? Believe it or not, a light diet is much healthier than a hearty diet.

Now, if you are a teenager or child, one musn’t inhibit your diet! Parents and Caretakers: Always consult with your physician for the proper amounts of food for kids, and you!

Nevertheless, a high quality natural diet of doctor recommended proportion is good for kids and teens, of less amount is the best for your adult body.

4.  In the winter, a pot of soup on the stove is a wonderful and inexpensive thing. Try to keep the salt down – it’s tempting to have a lovely salty soup. You can put almost any vegetable in your soup. Add sweet potatoes, potatoes, greens, soaked beans, soaked grains, or soaked seeds (see below for sprouting instructions) and you have a full, hearty and complete meal with all the nutrients you could ask for, for dinner or lunch!

NOTE: Don’t have a refrigerator? If you boil your soup often for at least 5 minutes and only use sterile utensils, it can stay on the stove. Pioneers kept a hot soup pot throughout the day above the embers. However, you must consider whether you are willing to use this method – you don’t want to get food poisoning, and it can be hard to tell if your utensils are sterile. Also, there can be floating bacteria, yeasts and spores in the air that enter your pot when it it opened. Again, consult with your physician on this. (Who can afford a doctor? I don’t know – but we just have to recommend this for your safety and good health.)

5.  Keep your brain exercised. Study, learn, research, read. Go to the Library, or go to your bookstore and EXERCISE THAT BRAIN OF YOURS. You will help the prospect of your brain staying younger longer, and it will need the exercise to stave off things like Alzheimer’s.


6.  Take the time to have a fruit and vegetable platter in your fridge.  But the fresh vegetables that you can afford, carefully wash and cut them up into bite sized pieces. You and your family will grab these healthy little bite sized goodies rather than turn to a candy bar or soda.

7.  Make a little dip dish in the fridge. Remind your family to only dip once! No germs allowed! There are awesome dip recipes – we will have some good and cheap ones, soon. Remind us!

8.  Make your own breakfast cereal! If you must have boxed cereal, throw it on top of your homemade cereal as a topping! Save your money!

Great cereal: tender rolled oats, a bit of crushed nuts, dried berries, sunflower seeds, chopped dates. Bag and refrigerate. No need for too many add-ins to your oats or grains! Just a small serving with a topping of boxed cereals will help kids love it!

Boxed cereals should be labeled, “Use as garnish or topping only.” Or, “12 piece limit per day.” Uh oh – don’t want to get in trouble with the cereal companies! We hereby recommend boxed cereals all day long! : )

9.  Make your own soda! Save on medical bills! Great for your kids…

Just take fizzy mineral water, add sweet natural fruit juice, and it takes like fruit soda!  No chemicals, additives, fake sugars, or genetically modified sweeteners.

Your juice may be less sweet, but you will find that it really refreshes and that kids will get used to it!

10.  Use ketchup and mustard? Add water and shake – you’ll use less, will still be tasty.

More coming soon! Do you have a wonderful idea to share? Please please let us know! Help the world, help yourself!

Easiest, Simplest, Least Expensive Way to

Sprout Successfully – How to Sprout (with Low Water usage, too!) )God Willing, we will have pictures soon!! : )


1. Slim containers (not bigger than a quart) with non-leaking, wide mouth screw tops, small or large will be fine. Expensive sprout jars not necessary. (After all, this is about hard times!)

Any container that’s fairly slim with a wide mouth with screw top will do. Drink bottles made of safe, good quality plastic are fine, with wide mouths and a spout or snap top to let in air.

2. 1 little strainer that fits of the wide mouth jar – any type will do as long as you can place it over the mouth when you pour out sprout water.

3. 1 beautiful little naturally grown container herb garden to pour your sprout water into. Your sprout water is valuable! : )

4. Sproutable beans, seeds, grains – ask your friendly health food store, or any local grocery store for organic (no GMO or hybrids please) untreated items.

5. A dark, cool little cupboard or place.

6. Clean water.

7. A big happy heart. (Optional, but very very helpful : )


1. Rinse, and then soak your beans, seeds or grains in your container overnight for at least 12-24 hours in a dark, cool, place. Make sure that they are fully covered with water when soaking. You can use 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the container for your beans. Less if you want bigger sprouts for salads or chapotlies (A chapotlie is a sprouted, hand formed flat pancake lightly heated on a griddle).

3. In the morning, pour the soaking water into your garden, inside or out, and smell to make sure it has a fresh, light, tangy smell. If it does, not need to rinse! Just strain out sprout water into your plants! If it’s a bit sour, no problem! Just rinse gently until sweet. Then strain out the water. Then, with your snap top or straw open for air, place your container on its side in a dark warm or room temperature place.

Important: Don’t forget about your sprouts! Put them where you will see them in your cupboard on your counter behind your cookie jar. : )

4. You can turn your sprout jar over if you like during the day if you can. Otherwise…

5. In the evening, (yes, you can leave your sprouts be until evening!) sniff your sprouts and rinse gently if they have a vinegary smell, until fresh. Otherwise, one little rinse will do, turning your sprout jar over to redisperse the little fellows.

6. You can actually cook up your beans, seeds and grains at this point if you like. Otherwise, you can continue and make more “sprouty sprouts.”

NOTE: The day or two of soaking brought a wonderful reaction to your dormant little beans, seeds or grains – the spark of life. They have come alive! Their little germs may have begun to poke their little heads out, and their enzymes may have begun to percolate to life and create nutrients and more enzymes. So beneficial!

7. Continue the process if you want more sprouty sprouts. After the 3rd day, you can put your sprouts in the fridge. Believe it or not, they will continue to grow in the coolness. Cool! : )

8. Whenever you sniff your sprouts and they seem a bit sour, that’s the time to rinse. Otherwise, once a day can be more than enough. Amazing, but true.

NOTE: Always use a spotless clean container and clean beans, nuts and seeds. That will help insure sweet production, rather than sour. Even then, sour is not a problem. Just rinse, and you should be fine.

If your sprouts smell bad, you must throw away for compost. Did you know about a lovely compost bucket (coming soon!)? A wonderful thing!


Whatever you do, soaking your beans, seeds and grains for 24 hours is always a wonderful thing to do even if you don’t want sprouty sprouts.

The spark of life with soaking a day or two is a wonderful way to add nutrition and lower cooking time which SAVES ENERGY! Yay!

Questions? Contact Us and we will try to help!


Vegetarian Food

YummyDelicious.com - Millions of People live on a vegetarian diet and are extremely healthy, strong, long-lived and vigorous. They mix the right foods together for optimum nutrition. With the skillful use of spices and seasonings, many of the dishes are said to far surpass meat in taste. Above: A mix of both fresh and lightly grilled organic peppers, onions, fresh and sundried tomatoes and delicately seasoned rice in baked zucchini boats topped with sliced scallions.

YummyDelicious.com - Millions of People live on a vegetarian diet and are extremely healthy, strong, long-lived and vigorous. They mix the right foods together for optimum nutrition. With the skillful use of spices and seasonings, many of the dishes are said to far surpass meat in taste. Above: A mix of both fresh and lightly grilled organic peppers, onions, fresh and sundried tomatoes and delicately seasoned rice in baked zucchini boats topped with sliced scallions.

Update: 3:51 PM 1/7/2009 PST

(Editor’s Note: We here at Yummy Delicious Food do not deplore nor eschew meat. Some of us do eat meat. Nevertheless, we present alternative points and views here. And, we always DO encourage the consumption of organic, humanely raised animal products.)

Happy Wednesday, All!

Someone had mentioned to us that their vegetarian experience had been less than awesome. They had lived on a diet of brown rice, tofu and vegetables, gaining 50 pounds still hungry all the time and feeling generally dissatisfied.

They also added that they knew plenty of, “pale, wrinkled, weak-looking, gray-haired “veggies” (especially those who’ve been “meat-free” for years).”

We have seen the same – in fact, one quote we once heard claimed that vegetarians looked like “transparent praying mantises.”

Well and most interesting said.

However we add the following points to consider…

Vegetarianism is one of the world’s most successful cuisines. But, brown rice is an absolute no-no. Brown rice can get rancid within hours of harvest.

Rancidity and oxidation are not life threatening; but the free radicals CAN spur aging and cellular damage. Very rancid rice bran oil as well as other vegetable and animal oils can be carcinogenic.

There’s a reason why the Orient uses white rice… it’s not just because of taste. Rice bran and germ are extremely nutritious but must be consumed immediately upon plucking. Otherwise, the bran and germ need to be removed.

Tofu MUST be TRULY and PROPERLY fermented, derived solely from organic non GMO soybeans. Since most soy are genetically spliced and diced hybrids infused with odd, even horrifying genomes, soy must be very carefully sourced.

Tofu is generally considered more a supplement than a staple.

To be a successful vegetarian, one must blend their legumes, seeds, whole grains, soaked, sprouted prepared properly (age old recipes) along with greens, fruits, other sundries.

When done properly, vegetarians live longer, look younger, have far fewer afflictions than counterpart meat eaters. Additionally, vegetarianism can be quite economical in comparison to a carnivorous diet.

Humane organic milk, honorably killed humane organic meat is a delicious addition, but may not actually necessary to health.

Now in truth, pound for pound, meat, milk and eggs are the most highly concentrated nutrient dense food source.

Carnivores have stalwart gastro-intestinal systems specifically designed to extract such meat and blood derived nourishment. Because their systems are stressed and strained in a different fashion than herbivore systems, carnivores generally have shorter lifespans.

(But carnivores do have alot of fun along the way with the stalking, killing, blood lust and satiation.) (Veggie picking is not quite the same is it?) : )

Again, most studies have indicated that higher meat diets lead to more health problems at an earlier age.

Some people are not willing to eat a vegetarian diet that would be commensurate to a meat and milk diet. Understandable.

In fact, we very much subscribe to “moderation in most all things.” But we emphasize that vegetarianism can be profoundly successful when properly practiced.

We totally accept that and only hope people will choose ORGANIC HUMANE meat and milk more and more.

But the true vegetarian properly practiced is a person beautiful to behold.

Here in North County where we live, there are 60 year old vegetarians who look 35. Quite a few in fact!

The local health store clerks never believe these folks when they ask for their senior discount.

Funny, true, and delightful!

Unfortunately in America, vegetarian has become a fad with every well intentioned Tom, Dick and Harry spouting veggie awesome something or other. Gourmet vegetarian restaurants are cropping up like feathers on a chick. Cookbooks feature elegant delicious meat substitutions.

(tastes like meat, looks like meat, acts like meat, isn’t meat!)

This is all fine, and can be quite delicious.

Honestly, however… few have the time, the budget, the dehydrator, the skill, the will. True vegism can be much easier than that. Simple. Sustaining.

You might have to order 13 dishes of the same veggie gourmet presentation to get your fill.

One might consider turning to age old vegetarianism that the ancient civilizations used and still use in India, Japan and elsewhere.

Eating raw does not necessarily mean right… eating veggies does not ensure health.

Like all things, vegetarianism must be practiced with wisdom.

Nothing really good is super easy requiring no knowledge or experience…

Our elders, our history teaches us.

Let us know your thoughts! : )

Vegetarian Food is ever increasing in popularity. Some of the most beautiful and talented moviestars are vegan.

When done right, vegans are more likely to have greater health than meat eaters.

One of the most interesting experiences with vegetarianism begins with the Bible Story of Daniel.

When Daniel was a very young man, he was brought before the King of the Land to learn the ways of the Chaldeans. He was chosen for his intelligence, comeliness, strength, agility.

He was to be fed the King’s food – dainties, meats, vegetables and fruits of all sorts.

Daniel asked that he be allowed to eat only “pulse..” a special vegetable diet. His caretaker was very concerned for it was important for Daniel to be strong and healthy.

However, Daniel offered to do a test. He would eat this special vegetable diet for only 10 days and review his health and progress.

The caretaker was amazed to discover that the natural vegetable and water diet left Daniel fairer of countenance and heartier of physique than the others who were partaking of the King’s luxurious food and wine.

From that day forward, Daniel was allowed to eat his special vegetarian diet.

Here’s more information regarding Daniel’s Diet.

A Successful Vegetarian Diet

Being a successful and healthy vegetarian means more than simply subsisting on non-meat products.

It actually means eating a variety of vegetables and fruits that provide all the nutrients required for good health.

What’s the proper way? How complicated is it? How difficult? Do you have to mix foods together so that their proteins, vitamins and minerals complement each other?

The Proper Way The proper way is to use the same techniques passed down through thousands of years of experience of various cultures, civilizations and religious groups.

How Complicated? Not complicated at all. Fortunately, the things that work well together, taste good together. A few simple rules and you’re good to go.

How difficult? A vegetarian diet can be very simple. But, if you want to create exotic and complicated dishes, you can end up spending all day creating masterpieces of culinary magnificence.

But generally, a vegetarian diet can be a thing of ease, convenience, economy and satisfaction.

Combining Vegetables for Maximum Nutrition Most vegetarian recipes automatically combine grains with beans, dairy products, peas, nuts or seeds.

Perhaps the reason is that one group may be lower in Lysine, a necessary protein, while the other group may be high in lysine.

All eight necessary amino acids can be obtained by mixing various grains with nuts, seeds, peas, beans.

Some have said that it isn’t necessary to combine such foods during the same meal. So, there’s a bit of a debate. However, it seems to just make sense to combine foods together for palability and complementary nutrients. No harm done!


1.   If possible, ALWAYS sprout your grains, seeds, nuts, peas or beans. During the sprouting process, nutrients and enzymes are created and released and greatly enhance the nutritive value.

Sprouts can be considered a miracle food as they provide all the nutrients to sustain life. Of course eating them raw in healthiest, but cooking them is common and very tasty. Truly sprouted breads are sweet from the sugars created during sprouting.

Soaked breads are not sweet and the sprout germs may not have actually germinated fully.

2.   Always include lots of greens. Greens are hugely nutritious. Kale, Romaine, Collards, Cabbages, Lettuces, brussel sprouts, parsley, watercress, cilantro, the darker and richer the green, the better. Unless of course, you’re eating red cabbage or Red or Golden Swiss Chard.

3.   Seeds are very rich – a few go far. They are rich in oils and go rancid quite easily. Store carefully, airtight containers, cold storage.

4.   Smell your brown rice. If it has the merest machine oil smell, it’s rancid. Rice germ oil goes rancid within hours of harvesting. This may explain why white rice is a staple and brown rice a Western phenomena.

5.   Whenever possible, eat raw. Use clean preparation methods. To clean vegetable, rinse thoroughly.

You can wash with sea or other natural salt. Another safe wash is an inexpensive form of drinking alcohol such as filtered vodka, sake or grain alcohol in a spray bottle. Rinse. You can cut grain alcohol with water. Rinse salt off.

6.   Grow your own little herb garden. You will be most pleasantly surprised how incredibly delicious home grown herbs and seasonings can be. They do not taste like their dried counterparts.

Fresh herbs are like heaven above – dried herbs are dead in comparison. However, some dried herbs provide their own unique and unmistakable flavorings.


Holidays – Unforgettable, Joyous

YummyDelicious.com - So many delicious memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas...

YummyDelicious.com - So many delicious memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas...

Delicious Holiday Turkey, Stuffing and Dressing - An American Tradition

Delicious Holiday Turkey, Stuffing and Dressing - An American Tradition

UPDATE: 10:39 PM 11/27/2008Welcome! Here, in the US, Thanksgiving has come, and gone! Ah, the memories!

Below are links to a few delicious and healthy recipes from Comsumer’s Union featuring some of the world’s top chefs such as Alice Waters, Dan Barber and Mario Batali.

The Consumer’s Website Main Recipe link is HERE – what a holiday selection!

We are recommending ConsumersUnion.org because of their support for good health as well as good taste.

Holiday Shopping and Eating Ideas to consider:

• Buy Local
• Buy Organic (Major Grocery Stores are Adding Organic Products)
• Slow Cooking Meats means Most Tender and Juicy
• Fresh Fruit and Fresh Vegetable Platters to snack on
• Free Range Hormone Free Turkeys and Meat
• Nut bowls with fresh, raw organic nuts

Alice Waters
Owner of Chez Panisse Restaurant and Foundation
Ms. Waters recommends shopping at your local farmers’ markets for Thanksgiving produce. Also, Von’s Markets (Safeway) has an organic produce section that has some very flavorful produce. She also suggests  roasting Heritage organic turkeys that are slow growing and spend a large proportion of their time grazing and foraging. We imagine this is free range which is the absolute best. She mentions that you will supporting poultry farmers raising and preserving special breeds in a sustainable way that cares for the land. Chard Gratin? Certainly worth a try – anything with melted cheese is fabulous.
Recipe for Chard Gratin From “The Art of Simple Food” by Alice Waters (Opens new window)

Dan Barber
Chef, Co-Owner of Blue Hill Restaurant, Creative Director Stone Barns Cntr
He believes that we aren’t healthy unless our farms are healthy, that all of us are co-producers as well as consumers of our harvest bounty.
His recipe for Sauteed Brussel Spouts with Lemon and Pistachios sounds absolutely delicious. (We at YD love Brussel Sprouts…)
Recipe for Sauteed Brussels Sprouts With Lemon And Pistachios (Opens new window)

Mario Batali
Chef/owner of many restaurants in New York City
Mario recommends local produce. He says, “When it comes to food, local is best. As a chef and as a dad, there’s a responsibility that comes with the food I cook and the food we eat. Being thoughtful of where our food comes from, who makes it and how it’s made is paramount in all my kitchens.” Who doesn’t love Butternut Squash? Anything named Sacpece de Zucca has got to be delicious.
Recipe for Scapece di Zucca (Butternut Squash) From the “Mario Batali Holiday Food” by Mario Batali (Opens new window)

Happy Holidays! May your holiday be yummy, delicious, scrumptious and filled with peace and happiness!

It's the Holidays!

It's the Holidays!

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the Ole US of A! It’s all about Native Americans, Pilgrims, and the most traditional of favorites to eat. Scrumptious things whose delicious memories are enhanced with the sweet wonderment of a child’s reminiscence.

Mother was SUCH a cook – Oh-me Oh-my… Those were the days! Why is it that I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to create the festivity and joy that she did? Just different times? Do generations past fade away, new memories replacing old?

Mother would really set such a table with lovely silverware and tons of goodies. Dad would manage the bar and regale family and friends with fascinating conversations. There was the pleasant clink of glasses filled with drinks from the days of old like Martinis, Gimlets, Old Scotch… Drinks over the Rocks, Shaken or Stirred. For us children, there were floating punch bowls, fresh squeezed orange juice, chocolate milk.

And the hors-d’oeuvres

We kids would run around and play in the lovely carefree way that only kids seem to do with such happy abandon. Then, we’d be called to dinner to sit at the children’s table. Sometimes, we would be allowed to sit at the adults’ table as long as we maintained our best behavior.

It was such an honor to be considered big enough!

Everybody was warm and friendly… and then there were lots of candles and beautiful centerpieces. All the colors were Fall and Autumn – gold, russet, reds, yellow, oranges, rust and rich browns.

Mother would always seem to serve the following:

Hors d’Oeuvres
• Stuffed Eggs
• Platters of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
• Small Toasts with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Dill
• So many varieties of Crackers!
• Cheeseballs rolled in Pecans, Walnuts, Macadamias…
• All Types of Chips and Dips (Kids’ Favorite!)
• Chicken Liver Pate with butter and Worcestershire Sauce
• Caviar… only if you feel like splurging!

Interesting Note: These tiny, pearlescent Eggs of the Sea are often served quite salty; therefore you must use lots of Creme Fraiche, chopped egg and onion to compensate.

The most prized varieties of caviar are without any salty flavor whatsoever; instead, they are imbued with a rather a light rich, unctuous, buttery melt-in-your-mouth flavor and texture. Such caviar has the whisper of a fresh ocean breeze, just the merest, perfect sea flavor. Some varieties are slightly nutty, others, smooth, silky delicate.

Perhaps the addictive quality is due to the sweet salt aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. Imagine the finest lobster or crab, and you will notice there is no fishy taste or smell. Such it is, with the finest caviar. Perhaps that is why the best caviars were the food of kings.

One of the most famous connoisseurs of caviar was Marilyn Monroe. It is rumored that she would live for days on a sole diet of vintage champagne and Beluga caviar. Golden caviar was very prized – it is very rare, almost nonexistent, now.

The Baluga whale is an all white, beautiful creature with a sweet, mild temperament and gentle demeanor. He is not the source of Baluga caviar. Rather, the source is the Baluga Sturgeon.

For a mere thousand or two dollars, you can purchase a lovely little (very little) selection of quality caviar samplings including Royal Ossetra, Royal Sevruga, Alverta, USA Royal Transmontanus and Royal Baerii.

With a lovely threepack of fine wine for five hundred dollars more, you can have a delectable holiday hors-d’oeuvre treat for under $3000.00. As for us, we’ll pass this time, thank you very much. Budgetary constraints, you see…

Despite caviar’s unique and exotic sea flavor, there are many other delicacies for mere pennies that truly compete for sheer pleasure and yummy deliciousness.
Soups and Salad
• Creamy Cheesy Broccoli Soup
• Home Made White and Red Clam Chowders
• Homemade Chicken Soup with Wide Noodles
• Delicious Salad with Iceberg and Romaine Lettuces,
Tomatoes, Red Onions, Slivers of Carrots, Radishes, Boiled Egg
• The Most Delicious Coleslaw with Fresh Horseradish
• Dressings were always the same: Homemade Italian, Ranch
or Blue Cheese

Main Courses
• Turkey and Stuffing with Walnuts, Pecans, Onions, Celery,
Homemade Bread Cubes. So flavorful!
• Baked Ham Embedded Cloves, Deep Golden Brown with
Brown Sugar, Molasses and Pineapple. Soooo melt
in your mouth, tender and Sweet! Note: Be sure to
buy free range naturally fed pork! Good for you!
• Roast Beef – Rare and Medium Rare. Garlic would be
stuffed into into little slots, and the Pepper Crust was Perfect.
• Cornish Game Hens Broiled with Butter, Salt and Pepper
• Home Made Macaroni and Cheese – Just Macaroni, Butter,
and Lots of Melted Cheese Baked with Buttery Crisp

Vegetables and Fruits
• Corn on the Cob
• Peas, Carrots and Corn with Tiny Bits of Pimento and Pearled
• Pickled Beets, Hot Buttery Brussel Sprouts…
• Sweet Potatoes – when they’re they’re steamy sweet, they’re
BETTER than candy
• Yams and Marshmallows – A silky confection rather than a
vegetable… should be packaged and sold at theaters
• Golden Squash – mere touch of butter, sometimes cinnamon,
allspice and nutmeg
• Green Beans and Fried Onions – no Mushroom Soup – Instead,
Home Made Butter Cream Sauce with Translucent Onion Bits
• Green Beans with Muesli and Toasted Almonds
• Golden Roasted Potatoes with Parsley, Scalloped Potatoes
bubbly with Cheese, Fried Potato Puffs so Light and Airy
• Mashed Potatoes with Milk and Butter and Gravy from the Drippings
• Tiny Red, Gold and White Potatoes, Turnips and Rutabagas, Steamy,
Glistening, Tender
• Cold Sweet Fresh Fruit Salad with Apples, Pears, Bananas, Oranges,
Tangerines and Cherries

• Home Made Sweet Corn Bread and Baking Powder Biscuits – so
tender and flaky
• Dinner Rolls Wrapped in White Linen Towels

• Dill and Sweet Pickles, Cranberry Relish Tall Tubes of Jelled
Cranberries fresh and cold from the can (yes, the Can –
so much yummier than the compote!)

The Pies! And, Dessert!
• Then, there were the pies with Ice Cream… Mother made so many
flavors! Always the standards:Both Apple Crumb, Apple Betty,
Regular Apple, Pecan, Mincemeat, Sweet Potato, Blueberry,
Pumpkin, Lemon Meringue and Key Lime – All from Scratch!


Mother would always make tons of cookies and send them to friends and relatives during the holidays. They were delicious… infinitely better than storebought. I have tried to make some cookies that taste the same, but so far, no luck… do you think my boxed mixes just aren’t as good as Mother’s sifted flour and fresh butter?? Hmmm….

Mother’s Cookie List
• Almond Butter Wafer Lace Cones (Heavenly! – butter and almonds
in a delicate lacy cone – OMgsh to die-t for…
• Refrigerator Cookies with Walnuts (Yes! She put them in the fridge
to harden…)
• Chocolate Chip – Ooodles of Bittersweet chocolate bits for gooey
gooey goodness.
• Shortbread with Nuts (forget the nuts – just shortbread please…
so incredible)
• Old Fashioned Oatmeal with Raisins – Can’t find any to compete
with Mother’s… hers were oats, brown and white sugar,
butter, flour, raisins, real vanilla, dash of salt… and baking soda.
• Shortbread with Jam
• Assorted Other Cookies
• Fudge – 1 fudge will sustain you for a week. : )
• Brownies – oh so the best. The chewier, the better!

Note: Now that I think about it, Mother’s cooking was prodigious. At the time, I was so totally unimpressed. Mother would disappear into the kitchen, and a little bit later a massive dinner would don the table, cookies and pies would magically appear on the counters, and the kitchen would be spotless.

Now that I’m old enough to do everything myself, I marvel… simply marvel. Mother came from a different world in the East Coast. (I’m West Coast!) Someday, I will go back there and see if I can find anyone like Mother. I will let you know my adventures…” : )

Thought: Do you think the fact that Mother “Sifted Everything” is one of her secrets?? I don’t know… No cookie I’ve ever had has been as delicious. Do you think I’m biased? nonono – not me…
Eskimo Pies & Flaming Jubilee
Dad loved Eskimo Pies… We would laugh just to watch him eat them! He so savored them! We would have them all during the holidays!
Chocolate Wafer Ice Cream Cake. Incredibly Delicious. (Chocolate Wafer cookies upright in a box cake smothered with Chocolate, Vanilla or Coffee Ice Cream)

And – for the Piece de Resistance, Dad would prepare Flaming Cherries Jubilee. He seemed to have such fun with it! So Delicious with Fresh Strawberries and Cream. (I have learned that Men and Fire go together. : )

Finally, there was After Dinner Port, Brandy, Sherry and Cognac for the Adults. Cigars? No… Dad didn’t smoke nor did our relatives. Mother did when she was young and sassy… but she quit. Grandfather smoked a pipe.

Someday, I will go to a tobacco shop and buy a little pouch of tobacco. I will open it up, enjoying the fragrance, and remember Grandfather sitting is his leather chair, rocking a bit, pipe in hand, thoughtfully engaged in pensive reverie. Grandfather, I love you!

In writing this, it’s those little memories that are so easy to forget, yet so powerful to remember.


During the holidays, all my relatives and family friends would join together with not one harsh word, not even a stern glance. There were hugs, and laughter, and bright conversation about happy and fun things. The adults were all smiling, hugging, warm to each other. If one child was a bit much, he or she would be immediately reprimanded gently, but firmly – no equivocation. Special effort was made so that for us, the children, the holidays were beautiful, and joyful. Filled with warmth, light, and love.

That is what I remember, most. Oh… and for Christmas.. the presents… but that’s another story! : )

What an incredible Feast!

Guess what I’m going to do this Thanksgiving now that I’m doing it on my own with Friends?

We’ll probably have Pizza and… maybe Fried Chicken and Tofurkey Sandwiches!

Is it the times? Oh… dollars don’t go as far as they used to…

And now my friends are vegetarians! : )

But… I will always remember and love those early Thanksgiving experiences. Thank you Mother and Dad…

you gave us kids priceless memories.

Happy Thanksgiving, All!


It’s just not the same… everybody’s parents just don’t do it the way when we were little. You know what? The past was so beautiful in many ways… but if you have light, love, laughter and all things uplifting, yummy and delicious, it’s all you need. Big spread? Wondrous. Small Spread? Can be wondrous, too! YDLLLU: That’s what’s important. )

If I happen to become very rich, I might want to create a wonderful spread every holiday just like Mother’s… at a children’s home, or a shelter. Now wouldn’t that be something so special? We’ll just have to see.


Holidays are coming… Joy! The air grows brisk, the evenings lengthen. What’s your best memories of holiday feasting?

We have some ideas to share… and also some great spreads from, say, Windsor Castle or Ghenghis Khan’s holiday table.

Indeed! We will present ideas that will give you pause… something new every holiday that defies tradition.

Your call! Will you introduce a new goodie during a time of such reminiscence? Let’s see…


Ethnic and Regional Cuisines

– Ethnic Foods and Dishes from Around the World

Today! Fabulous Food of Columbia – Columbian Cuisine

Below: Authentic Coveted Arepas Recipe

Note: One of this weekend’s ironies was in comparing Lithuanian dishes with Columbian dishes. How interesting! Now assuredly, the twain shall not ever meet. Nevertheless, it was quite a stretching to absorb both together in one sitting. What variety! This all just to say that we will have some interesting Lithuanian reporting coming soon! : )

Meanwhile, back to Columbia…

Blessed with a temperate clime a coveted equatorial locale, Columbia is blessed with a diverse mix of ethnic cultures and a vast and versatile selection of raw food ingredients. Included: many tropical fruits, Andes and Columbia coffee and cacao from the Andes Mountains, grass fed beef from the huge ranches of the plains and abundant seafood from the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Grass fed beef is quite delicious from Central and South America – often more veal like, delicate and distinctive.

Delicious seasonal fruit native fruits include mangoes, guavas, papayas, pineapples, bananas, oranges, lemons, limes, cactus fruit, prickly pears, nances, tamarinds, melons, tangerines, mimayas, rambutins, mameys.

Popular and delicious: beans sauteed with pork fat, onions, sweet peppers, garlic and seasonings, served with plantains is satisfyingly nutritious. Add buttery bread or tortillas to complete.

Most popular? Hard to say… but some favorites include their delicious soups, including a wonderful slow-cooked (sancocho) soup made with beef, chicken, pork spine, rum, corn, vegetables, seasonings and other exotic ingredients. Of course the best burgers, fries, and shakes with a delicious Latin twist. Always, tortillas and fresh made breads.

Another wonderful traditional stew consists of avocado, potatoes, herbs, chicken, pork.

Favorite breakfast food and drink often starts with cinnamon, mint and chocolate coffee along with delicious deep fried and baked sweet breads and donuts, grilled meat, barbecued sausages.

A delicious bread is the pan del bono, baked bread balls made of corn, cream, cassava, cheese and eggs. Served with hot cocoa, a delight.

Tasty favorite: fresh corn arepas – thick, buttery griddled corn cakes made with fresh corn, butter, perhaps a bit or milk and sugar, mashed with fresh cheese, guacamole, tripas or eggs – fabulous.

Deep fried arepas made with fresh corn flour or dough, hot water and salt and stuffed with your favorite filling such as a fried egg are absolutely delicious.

Sopa de Mondango and Empanadas are very much loved. Empanadas are basically a stuffed dough pastry with savory fillings including bone marrow, beef, seafood, mincemeat, cheese, peas, carrots, corn, tripe, mondongo (a mix of vegetables including peppers, onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbages, corn.) Empanadas can be baked or deep fried.

Also extremely popular are seafoods, beef dishes, of course ubiquitous pork and chicken, plantains, tamarinds, seafoods, pork and chicken dishes, rice (arroyos) dishes seasoned with with sweet and hot peppers, salsas, wondrous sauces.

Churrasco Barbecue is salt and garlic marinaded meat seared over embers, the crisped meat served as the skewers continue to be cooked. This is wonderful served with barbecued beans seasoned richly with sinewy, gelatinous pork cuts.

Fresh Corn Arepas Recipe:

Cut the kernels from 4 medium fresh ears of corn and coarsely grind, process or blend and mix with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon natural sugar, several tablespoons of milk, 2 tablespoons of butter and thickened with a few small handfuls of masa flour or fine, fresh corn meal to a malleable dough, similar to piecrust.

You can add several handfuls of grated fresh white farmers cheese.

Form into 1/2 inch cakes and cook to deep golden brown on both sides on hot griddle with hot butter or freshly rendered natural pure lard. You can serve with a wonderful criollo sauce made with fried onions, tomatoes, cumin, peppers, oregano.