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Our Purpose, Intentions, Images…

About the Images on Our Site
Warning: The pictures on this website may cause hunger pangs. So, peruse at your own risk of pleasure and delight.

Additional Note: Yummy and Delicious Food is best served with moderation and restraint. Thusly, it may be enjoyed healthfully, for many years to come. : )

We are off and running – and brand spanking new! Much more coming on a daily basis, so keep posted and feel free to email us with any suggestions or comments. We will gladly accept

the loving, uplifting ones! : )

Now about YDF’s Purpose and Intentions
What is more wonderful that yummy, delicious food on a beautiful temperate day, with wonderful loving family and friends, in the Merry month of May? For that matter,

whenever? : )

Perhaps there are more wonderful things, but we’re not so sure!

Now, there are things like fresh clean air to breathe, someone nice to hug, maybe a lover to kiss or a puppy to pet, but really… isn’t something fabulous and tasty to eat, just about the

peachiest thing?

Believing this, we have aciduously and ardently conspired to bring you the most glorious wonderful eatable news and views for your pleasure and enjoyment – and to spread the

availability of deliciousness to everyone on Earth.

We are going to take you on a lovely food journey and talk about the healthy, the fattening, the skinny-ing, the organic, the processed, raw, cooked, wacky, wondrous, exotic, specialty

delightful, and international favorites that wow the tastebuds lighten the heart, and sparkle the soul.

There will even be Food for Dogs, Food for Cats, Food for Thought…

The only connections of all these variables – their strict obeisance to yumminess and absolute adherence to deliciousness.

Now, one girl’s yum is another guy’s yuck… so you will have to bear with us, take 3 grains of Himalayan salt or Turbinado sugar and email us in the morning. : )

We’re so happy you’re here – let the Yummy Delicious Food Fest begin!

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