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Our Coftea – Organic Green Tea Powder & Coffee with Honey Cream

Our Coftea: Organic Green Tea Powder, Organic Instant Coffee, Dash Organic Cream, Sweet Honey. Stupendous : )
Coftea: Organic Green Tea, Organic
Instant Coffee, Dash Organic Cream, Sweet Honey, 1 Stainless Camping Pot, 1 Electric Hotplate – Yummy!

Our famous Green Coftea… Simplicity itself.

You rise in the morning, stretch and greet the sun. Or, in some cases, the moon.

You heat up some water to a steamy presimmer. Hot, but not too hot. Then, a small bamboo spoonful of organic green tea and dash of organic instant coffee. Perhaps you add a dash of organic raw cream, a bit of raw honey or agave.

So refreshing. Almost like a little meal in itself. With a dash of fresh fruit, your favorite grain cereal or sprouted toast with jam and raw butter, you are set for the morning.

Organic Green Tea for Company. Guests love this beverage - Whipped Organic Green Tea, Dash of Cream, Bit of Honey or Raw Sugar, Dash of Nutmeg.
Organic Creamy Jade Green Tea for our guest. Dash Organic Cream, Sweet Honey, 1 Stainless Camping Pot, 1 Electric Hotplate. That’s all you need.

It’s an unusual morning beverage. Organic Coftea. A different and delightful change. You could add a dash of nutmeg – just a mere smidgeon. Then, your coftea develops flair… elegance, exoticity.

Bringing water to a full boil changes it’s molecular structure. The molecular water crystals change shape, distort a bit. Lose their pristine clarity and beauty. So, just heating till just satisfyingly does the trick is a very nice way. Be nice to your water! : )

We always recommend organic freeze dried coffee – ours is Mount Hagen from internaturalfoods.com.

"Carefully selected beans from organic growers who provide a safe social and economic environment for their workers… Mount Hagen assists in supporting organic growing methods and sustainability of the environment." We like that.

We use very little as it goes a long way. Used judiciously in very small quantities, the body is less likely to develop a tolerance level. Therefore the very slight "boost" is gentle, pleasant, consistent.

The organic green tea is fine "Macha" powder from the mountains of Japan. We’ve had only the best results with this product. Reasonable in cost, long lasting and delicious, we believe everyone will love it as we do.

Again, just tiny amounts will do one nicely.  Ours is from Nishimoto. 

When dairy farmers raise their cows organically, the cream is far superior. It must be purchased as fresh as possible. It has not been adulterated by pasteurization. Pasteurization creates a dead, but more stable product that lasts long on the shelves.

Raw cream and milk are living foods and very, very carefully processed. One of the kindest, safest available sources of dairy products.

And it’s perfect for our coftea.

Finally, raw floral honey or any sweetness you prefer. Don’t do dairy or sweet? No problem. Coftea is wonderful all by its lonesome.

Happy Breakfast! : )

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