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“It is in the quietude of the moment, without expectation, that idle
speculation and wistful musings provides nourishment for the soul.”
– Another Yum Dee Philosopher
  YummyDelicious.com - While other people have a life, we struggle in the glow of our little computer screens, hunched like little hobbits... to bring you bloggerific material for your viewing pleasure and edification!
  YummyDelicious.com – While other people have a life, dancing, surfing, living,
loving, we toil away day and night, basking in the eerie glow of our little computer screens, hunched like little hobbits…

just to bring you musings and mischief for your viewing pleasure, entertainment, education and delight! : )

What is this page?

It is a collection of constantly updated musings from the Land of Yummy and Delicious. Faster than tall buildings, taller than speeding bullets, able to leap from subject to subject in single keystrokes… that’s us! And, we’re all exceedingly good looking, too.

In this wild, wonderful and wacky world, musings of all things yum and lish can give one pause… the pause that refreshes like an icy cold clinking glass of mint tea with tupelo honey on a sweltering summer day after a hard morning plowing the lower back forty… ah!

Welcome – and may the force be with us, for your sake! : )

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UPDATE by Boss: 10:05 PM 12/8/2008 PST

Moderation! Happily Prolong the Gustatory Joy


Moderation During the Holidays Who can resist? Hard to do...
Moderation During the Holidays
Who can resist? Hard to do… but
worth it.

Holidays are renowned for their gentle excesses… in love, light, gifts… and ofcourse, unforgettable food and drink.

Is holiday excess a bad or good thing?

Consider… all societies throughout history have relished, cherished their gustatory celebrations and joyous festivities annually and seasonally.

Even the austere Spartans in ancient Greece enjoyed figs, olives, cheese, rabbit, fish, doves, pork, soup, barley cakes, wine and alcohol during special competitions.

The best rule to maintain happy holiday health status? Enjoyment of and moderation in all things edible.

A little of this, a little of that. If it’s a lot of this or that, counteract with increased intake of unrefined and unprocessed foods and long,frequent healthy walks.

Check out our new little blurb on Gout. This holiday un-favorite pops its little head up after luxurious holiday repasts. An unhappy sufferer can be overwhelmed with sharp joint pain.

Happy thought! Well, happy avoidance if you check the article on foods you may wish to minimize comsumption of, or avoid altogether.

Wonderful holidays are more wonderful when unmarred by extreme discomfort due to unwise over consumption.

So… enjoy the holiday treats. All of them. In Moderation! : )

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A United Team to Bring You All that's Yummy and Delicious!
Just an imaginary place

Todays’s Musing by Cdin: 1:00 PM 12/6/2008 PST

The Noodlery is not a real restaurant, but our own, fantasy place…

Imagine this:

You walk along small curved streets, tired, feet a bit sore. Your throat is a bit parched. You hear a grumble in your stomach.

Off in the distance, past rows of darkening doorways and alleys, you see flickering orange lights. Could there be food there, for a weary traveler?


Flowers and Light at the Inn
The Inn

You hasten forward. As you get closer, you see flickering lanterns, small green ferns and plants, a tiny little rock garden and a low doorway that glows invitingly. A sign, a bit crooked, swinging ever so slightly in the dusky evening light, reads, “The Noodlery.”

Oh, you think… not that you’re a fan of noodles, but this might do. In you go.

As you enter, there’s an incredibly enticing aroma of unidentifiable delicate spice with something perfectly broiled, something fresh baked from the oven.

You notice a small placard that reads, “Seven Noodles Heaven – Style 92.”

Perhaps you’ll try that.

A warm face appears, beckons you to a small table. You ask for water and a small glass of Sweet Wine – a fragrant, floral Muscat. It is divine.


Warm Fireplace
 Cold Hands, Cold Feet
 Warm Fireplace, Hot
 Soup, Glass of Wine

You sip, and the warmth hits your stomach while the glow of the nearby fireplace warms your heart.

For the moment, all is good with the world, and the night holds such wonderful, delicious promise.

Soon, appearing before you are fresh small tomatoes, sweet and mild. A bit of cheese – warm brie with a bit of soft bread and a dash of tangy camenbert. There is a little tub of butter, the freshest you’ve ever tasted.

You nibble, entranced, when next appears a small bowl of noodles – gold, rose, white, creamy and – the likes of which you’ve never seen before.



They glisten with an indescribable sauce – a savory concentre of the finest vegetable and broth juices imaginable.

The perfect texture, nutty refinement and flavors engage your soul.

But wait…

Served with your noodles atop a crisp emerald bed of fresh picked greens, lay two perfect, broiled scallops, tender, succulent, cooked to perfection. Alongside, a tiny plate of sweet golden, orange, deep red tomatoes, slivers of sweet red onion and avocado, a small ball of buttery mozzarella, a tender chewy chunk of freshly baked, homemade butter bread.

You sip your sweet wine, a bit of water to refresh the palate, perfectly sated with this small pastoral feast. So simple, yet so satisfying.

Finally, a small bowl of garden fresh strawberries, a dollop of fresh cream, sprinkle of 100 year cognac…

And the Pursuit of Things Delectable has rewarded you well this day.

Can you do this at home? But of course!

That’s the Magic of Our Noodlery – it’s everywhere!

Thank you for joining us at our beloved Noodlery of the Mind – Recipes to Follow!

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7 Noodles Heaven – A Yummy Delicious Original From Our Family’s Cherished Old Recipes

We have seen nothing similar ever – this is our family original that has not ever been released. It is a style of preparation that is truly original. However, if you know of something similar, please let us know, as 7 Noodles Heaven is our Family’s Original Secret. Thank you, dear Grandmother, who created this in her own kitchen long ago.

She had 100 renditions – each one better than the next! : )

Let us know if you come up with one of your own!

This amazingly delicious and nutritious dish has many renditions.
Here’s one of our favorites:


10 servings (Cook before hand – you can refrigerate or freeze to serve later whenever you want a special treat)

1/4 cup cooked rice noodles
1/4 cup cooked wide rice noodles
1/4 cup cooked buckwheat noodles
1/4 cup cooked green spinach noodles
1/4 cup cooked rose beet noodles
1/4 cup cooked transparent noodles
1/4 cup cooked fine fresh wheat noodles
1/2 cup reduced Vegetable Meat Ambrosia

Vegetable and Meat Ambrosia (Produces 2 Cups):

1 Fresh Natural or Organic Free Range Chicken
1 Organic Leek
4 Organic Zucchinis
1 Small Organic Onion
1/4 Cup Fresh Organic Broccoli
1 Stalk Organic Celery
1 Small Carrot
4 Large leaves of Collard
1 Small Rutabaga or Turnip
1 Bay Leaf
1/4 Teaspoon fresh minced Garden Grown Thyme
1 Tablespoon Honey
1 Tablespoon Molasses
2 Tablespoons Natural Organic Peanut Oil
1 Tablespoon Unbleached Fresh Flour
2 Teaspoons Unbleached Fresh Flour
Natural Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper to Taste

Cut up chicken into small pieces. Lightly dust with 1 Tablespoon Fresh Flour. Saute lightly in 1 Tbsp. Peanut Oil. Add water to barely cover, bring to boil,quickly turn down and simmer for 2 hours, low heat.

Drain broth – add more water to cover, simmer an additional 4 hours until bones are tender.

Strain Out chicken, (excellent as treat for your dog or cat as long as bones are completely soft) add original broth, vegetable broth as cooked below, simmer until liquid is reduced to 2 cups.


Lightly Dust minced onion, carrot, leek, broccoli, celery rutabaga, cut up ( 1/4 inch slices) zucchini in 2 Tsps flour and saute in remaining Peanut Oil until slightly golden brown. Add small 1/2 inch pieces collard greens and barely cover with water. Bring to boil, turn down immediately, simmer for 1 hour, add seasonings, simmer 1 more hour.


Mix 1/2 to 1 Cup Concentrated Vegetable and Meat Nectar (Ambrosia) with Steaming Hot Noodles, toss lightly

When properly prepared, this incredible dish is sublime. It amazes and astounds visitors.

It’s also fully nourishing as a complete meal. A small dish provides a wide range of nutrients.

Serve modestly so that you may never get tired of it! Enjoy!

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Today’s Musing, from Cdin – 9:56 AM 11/28/2008 PST

Happy Post Thanksgiving, everyone! Are you as stuffed as your delicious turkey? Time to get up and about and give a shout. : )

Perhaps you may be stepping out for a bit of shopping. Will you be dining out? If so, below will give you a fine example of what to look for in your waiter or waitress. Service most delightful. : )


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Today’s Musing, from Ellie


Leaves! Touch the Earth!  

Take more time to eat outdoors. I have moved into my backyard – my parents kicked me out of the house to “get some fresh air.” So, I pitched a little backpacking tent and spent the night beneath the stars. I made s’mores from Yummy and Delicious Dot Com, and fell asleep with a wonderful book with chocolate smudges and graham cracker crumbs. Hint: Make your own homemade marshmallows before hand. They look awful, but taste wonderful. Better than store bought! May the corners of your mouth be smeared with luscious, dark chocolate!

Yes, I went camping at home… and it was wonderful. Why, nothing’s better than the night sky lit only with the backlight and screen of your little laptop!

Why do we have to be indoors so much, when outdoors is so restful and refreshing? That’s my YD Musing for today!

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Musing from California



A friend just sent the Daily Om to me. It talks of spending time with Nature, getting connected with Earth and letting go of the busyness of life. Such connection can only be found in being exposed to the naked sun, touching the trees, roaming the plains, or listening to the sound of wild, running water. When we commune with other living creatures and the uncultivated wild lands, we are embraced and nourished by Mother Earth. This connection grounds us, teaches us a different sense of self and reminds us that we are just one of many, in this vast universe.

It said that we are instinctively attracted to this connection and yearn for it whether consciously or unconsciously. We can find this connection even in the city by watching leaves brushing against a windowpane, smell the rain on grass, hear the wind rustle through the trees. It asks us to crouch down and touch the earth and grass. We only remember the gifts of Mother Nature when we touch her, smell her, observe her closely.

If we connect with Mother Nature, we will be refreshed and reinvigorated. We will become re-attuned to Nature’s natural rhythm. And most of all, we will realize that we are Nature herself – a part of her as much as the rain, the trees, the flowers, sea and sky, and all other living beings.

Aren’t these nice thoughts? All things yummy and delicious INCLUDE communing with Nature and regaining our balance. Only then can we really get in touch with who and what we really are. Nice, huh? I thought so…

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