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The Most Perfect Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies - The Most Perfect Green Smoothie

What is the Perfect Green Smoothie?

Here at Yummy Delicious, we’re ever in search of the divine. But along with super healthy, often comes less than delicious.

To the rescue, Green Smoothies! Also known as Nectar of Gods and Goddesses. : )

Some have called the green smoothie the adult beverage akin to mother’s milk. Nourishing, satisfying, sweet and comforting, without any side effects or costs to one’s health.

Green Smoothie in a GlassGreen Smoothies are very versatile. You can just about put fresh raw fruits or vegetables into them that you love. Take them with you when you’re on the go in a thermos or cold bag.

In a hurry? What’s easier than throwing everything into the blender, pour, rinse with water and be done?

Some say Some say Green Smoothies are a perfect food beverage for children. If you start them out young, they will easily accept and love their green smoothies.

If they’re older and unfamiliar with the unusual color, you can start them out with cute little tiny amounts. You don’t have to mention that the green color comes from spinach and greens.

The taste will be so delicious, they’ll be sold! You can give them Green Smoothies on an empty tummy, always best so they can easily absorb the fruit and vegetable juices.

Green Smoothies go great alone. No need to serve them with a meal unless you drink them up first.

What Is the Absolute Most Perfect Green Smoothie?

It would have to be delicious, nutritious, easy and pretty much universally loved. In our experience, we have found that the following recipe works out best for starters.

Later one can add a huge selection of different fruits and vegetables that suit their indvidual tastes.

The Best Green Smoothie Ever

Ingredients (Preferably Organic)
1 handful spinach
4 dark romaine or greenleaf lettuce leaves
1 large leaf or 2 small leaves mild dino or Tuscan kale
1/2 apple
1/2 pear
1/2 sweet orange
2 small bananas or 1 large banana
1/2 cup fresh or frozen mangoes
2 pitted dates if you like
Tiny dash of organic vanilla extract
12 – 16 ounces water

Blend the greens, frozen ingredients and water first till smooth, then add the rest of the fruit. When creamy, pour and serve. Delicious!

For additional creaminess, you can add 1/2 fresh coconut milk and half water. Coconut milk is the smooth blend of both coconut water and meat.

Some people have added fresh yogurt, a raw egg, raspberries, blueberries or their favorite superfoods. At this point, it becomes much more than a simple easy green smoothie. Children seem to like the simple basic smoothie without all the extras.

As you become used to your green smoothies, you can add all sorts of greens and vegetables, almost any that are in your grocery store that you can eat raw.

The most nutritious are generally:

Regular Kale
All Lettuces
Sprouts (limited amounts)
Swiss Chard
Beet Greens
Cilantro (Strong flavored)
Watercress (Tangy, even Spicy)
Mustard Greens (Bitter, strongly flavored)
Collard Greens
Sweet Bell Peppers All Colors

The secret is to add them gradually and in small amounts.

Many people feel that green smoothies have helped them regain their health. They’re easier to make than concentrated juices with a juicer, they’re very tasty, and they are also very nutritious.

For concentrated healing purposes, many people have found that juices to be extremely valuable. Green smoothies contain pulp while juices have had most of the pulp or fiber removed.

Pulp or fiber can be valuable for your digestive tract.

What is your favorite Green Smoothie combination?

We would love to know! : )

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