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Meat is Eat with an “m” for Mmmmmm!

Meat is Eat with an 'm' for Mmmmmm!

Broiled Steak - classic. Oh but to be a cow or steer, born so tasty... Now that water and land come at such a premium, luscious tender juicy steak may become much more rare and costly. The best steak in the world? Kobe or Wagyu Beef. The cattle are reared by hand, fed rich beer and the finest grains and grasses, and massaged regularly. For that reason, we recommend Kobe beef. Well cared for... perhaps for an animal raised for food, more a life worth living.

Kobe Wagyu Beef – Finest Beef In the World…

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We won’t discuss whether meat is nutritious and healthy… but, yes, we will!

There is a place for meat in everyone’s heart that harkens back to the days of yore. Even vegetarian mammals will enjoy a bit of meat now and then, although not usually herbivores. However, even herbivores get there share of meat in the form of tasty bug and fuzzy worm.

Meat served insect style is indeed, meat!

All that said, have we ruined your appetite for a freshly broiled ribeye steak, or slow roasted ribs slathered with world famous BBQ sauce? No? Didn’t think so!

For, it’s a rare man, woman or child who doesn’t relish a delicious piece of quality meat dripping with succulent juices and cooked to perfection.

It was as if our maker designed meat to be tasty beyond measure, not to mention the fact that ounce for ounce, there’s no greater source for concentrated nutrients than meat. Frankly, it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and protein.

Let it be known however, that experts acknowledge that a high meat diet can lead to a much higher number of health problems. Research has revealed that heavy meat eaters are prone to die at an earlier age than the average vegetarian or more minimal meat eater. * (See below for more details) With that in mind, one may want to restrict their meat intake if this is of concern to them.

But, that stops few people from indulging their passion for the unparalleled satisfaction derived from just having feasted upon amples servings of this most popular entree.

We believe that if one purchases humanely raised organic meat from reputable suppliers who guarantee the quality of their product, one is far less likely to suffer as many ill consequences from the consumption meat than those who do otherwise. However, we are not experts in this issue. We again stress that one consult with their physician for advice.

That said, it does stand to reason, that, in countries where animals are allowed to roam freely and raise their young naturally, who are fed fresh wholesome non- GMO grass and grains without pesticides, chemical additives or processed by-products, health ramifications are less likely. All things is moderation!

Ideally, if you can obtain naturally raised meat from a local rancher or farmer, you will probably enjoy the meat a great deal more. Good for you, good for the animals.

These days, meats are a bit changed from the days when it was available fresh and truly natural off the home farm.

Kobe Wagyu Beef Steaks are considered the finest in the world by connoisseurs the world over.

To get the full flavor experience, today’s grocery meats may require a great deal of salt, spice and seasonings to bring out the flavors that once were inherent in the meat by itself.

More and more gourmets are turning to natural, organically raised beef, chicken and pork to get the old-fashioned quality that natural raising provides.

Case in point – Kobe or Wagyu Beef, originating from Japan. These cattle are often raised in a paradise setting with frequent natural beer breaks and regular massages.

They have free access to the finest pastures, and are given the best grains and supplements. As a result, with their special breeding and care, the meat they provide is considered the finest in the world.

It is unmatched for quality, taste, texture and marbling.

Winner of the World Championship BBQ Cook-Off

As for pork… when the noble pig is given free rein to forage in a natural habitat, he is a clean fellow, given to joyfully rooting around for succulents and staples as only a pig can root.

He eats with gusto, enjoying himself immensely. As a result, with his culinary skills and impeccable taste, his flesh is considered the most delicious of all, especially his fat which can enhance every dish with rich flavor, texture and aroma beyond any other addition.

Today’s pork is often pale and flavorless in comparison to that of old and more often than not requires copious salt, spices, seasonings, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, sauces and accoutrements to bring out the goodness. Derivatives of Monosodium Glutamate greatly bring our the sweet saltiness that lingers on the meat eaters tongue after every bite.

For those who have tasted natural pork delicately seasoned and skillfully prepared, they are given to say the experience is like no other.

Additionally, nutritional factors are a consideration… old fashioned raised pork is processed differently in the body – perhaps due to the absense of contaminants, hormones, antibiotics and chemical substances present in today’s meats.

That all said – the recipes and more information coming soon!

* Regarding Meat and Health
“For two decades Dr. Roland Phillips and Dr. David Snowdon of Loma Linda, Calif., have been monitoring the health of 25,000 Seventh-day Adventists, about half of whom are lacto-ovo vegetarians. According to their as yet unpublished data, the researchers have found that older men who eat meat six or more times a week are twice as likely to die of heart disease as those who abstain from meat. Among middle-aged men meat eaters were four times more likely to suffer a fatal heart attack, according to the study. As for women, who are partly protected by their hormones and generally develop heart disease later in life than men do, the risk of fatal heart disease was lower only among the older vegetarians, the study found.”

“In a 1982 study of more than 10,000 vegetarians and meat eaters, British researchers found that the more meat consumed, the greater the risk of suffering a heart attack. Though eliminating meat from the diet is likely to reduce your consumption of heart-damaging fats and cholesterol, substituting large amounts of high-fat dairy products and cholesterol-rich eggs can negate the benefit.”

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