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YummyDelicious.com - Grains and legumes are lovers... intertwined in a meal, they complement each other in a tasteful, nutritional dance.

YummyDelicious.com - Grains and legumes are lovers... intertwined in a meal, they complement each other in a tasteful, nutritional dance.

First of all, to confuse matters, grains, nuts, beans, legumes are seeds.

But, seeds are not necessarily grains, nuts beans and legumes.

To keep things simple, we’ll just refer to grains, nuts, beans and seeds as if they were all separate fellows. That will help minimize confusion.

Grains, peas and beans are staples of the world. When consumed together, their protein content complements one other so that all 8 essential amino acids are available to the body.

Isn’t it lucky?

The beauty is this… grains and beans are very economical, very delicious, and very nutritious.

A dish of beans, a little cooked rice or grains, some tasty vegetables, lovely seasonings, and you have a meal to rival the finest of Steak Dinners.

However, if meat is your loving desire, then a free range pork hock, or an oxtail will help create a savory broth of meaty flavor.

Beware – eat too much, and your girth will reward you with gargantuan expansion!

A meaty bean stew harkens to cold evenings, warm fires, and covivial family times.

Many a cowboy has rustled up a pot a beans, filling his stomach with satiated contentment.

There are a million ways to prepare the most delectable of bean and grain dishes.

The world’s favorite? Bean dip with Corn Chips. However, with the high dose of salt and deep fried oil, it may not be the most health sustaining. 🙂

But, what’s better than to settle in with chips, dip, a great movie, and hot, fresh buttered popcorn?

SECRET: Before cooking your beans and fresh grains, soak them overnight, or for 24 hours. You will reduce cooking time, and your beans, lentils and grains will begin the germination process, releasing enzymes and exceedingly valuable micro nutrients.

Grain Facts

Grain is a commodity, a veritable mainstay necessity of the human diet. Perhaps they’re so beloved because of their high, nutritious and valuable complex carbohydrate content, as well as their ability to satisfy and satiate.

Golden grain… waving fields of flowing grain… visions and far off memories from childhood whether read in a book, seen in a patriotic movie, or seen as a small child driving by or living on a farm.

These days, there are varietal types that add tremendous variety to the world diets.

From Quinoa to Spelt to Red Rice and Egyptian Kamut, new grain recipes offer exotic and tasty alternatives. We will be offering facts, recipes and sources soon!

Legume Facts The large variety, the richness of texture and substance, gift the legume with the status of Royalty – equal to the richest of meats. The royal legume is a plant’s precious child, filled with all of the plant’s most precious, nutritional components.

How many legume varieties are there? Why, almost 18,000! Put that in your soup, and drink it!

Beans, Gas and Flatulence

Did you know that when you soaked your beans for 24 hours helps prevent bean “flatulence?” Many people have discovered that mini-sprouting their legumes completely eliminates this “issue.”

Another hint is a pinch of baking soda and a dash of vinegar at the end of cooking. We believe that baking soda and vinegar cancel each other out… but, old wives would tend to know these things!

Recipes coming, soon!

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