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President Obama’s New Chef!
New York Times – January 28, 2009

President Obama's New Whitehouse Chef brings Natural, Organic, Healthy

President Obama's New Whitehouse Chef brings Natural, Organic, Healthy - President Obama and wife Michelle have chosen a new Head Chef for the White House.

He’s Sam Kass, founder of the Inevitable Table in Chicago and Michelin-starred trained University of Chicago  graduate.

Sam found his passion for cooking while traveling around the world and meeting "ordinary people in extraordinary places."

"He observed physical and spiritual health optimized when people maintained a close connection to the cultivation and preparation of their sustenance.

He witnessed how societies fragment when this relationship to their nourishment is lost, and experienced the power food holds to rebuild communities."

Today, drawing on lessons learned the world over, Sam feels a responsibility as a chef and as a Chicagoan to guard the health of his clients, re-connecting them to food.

Sam believes that people and their individual health are linked together, and that this is what binds us all  together as families, communities and a nation.
"Nowhere are we more powerfully bound together than in the daily cultivation and preparation of food."

Mr. Kass’s appointment signals changes at the White House that should please chefs like Alice Waters, who have lobbied the Obamas to set an example for the rest of the country by emphasizing food that is healthy, local and sustainable.
He cooks and shops “mainly from local farms,” and purchases wines from “small sustainable wineries."

He has a selection of sample menu items on his website including
 • Simple salad of mixed baby greens, radicchio, radishes and shaved fennel with a James Balsamic
 • Whole-wheat pasta, soffrito, cauliflower, escarole, currants, pine nuts, green olives, ricotta solata, prosciutto
 • Thyme and lemon marinated roasted chicken, Swiss chard, fingerling potatoes in persillade

Sam’s dishes are known for their healthfulness,  beautiful presentation and deliciousness.

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