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“Butter Spoon” Popcorn

Update: Popcorn Eaten with a “Butter Spoon” instead of Dipped in Butter
Forget about dipping your popcorn in butter. Instead, create a Butter Spoon. That’s right, a Butter Spoon.
Get a little spoon. Scoop a little round of fresh, room temperature butter (not too warm, not too cool) onto the tip of your spoon.
Dip your little buttered spoon into the bowl of popcorn. Up will come a few pieces of popcorn neatly stuck to the butter spoon. The little pieces will have the perfect amount of butter!
You will:
1.  Use much less butter (max butter flavor, min butter use)
2.  Have delicious buttery flavor with every bite
2.  Have perfectly clean hands
3.  Have no melted butter pan to wash
4.  Have no oily dish to wash
5.  Have fun eating popcorn from the spoon
6.  Fill up fast!

1.  Whip your butter with some brown sugar and cinnamon.
2.  Whip your butter with some parmesan cheese.
3.  Whip your butter with some maple syrup or agave syrup.
4.  Whip your butter with organic sweetened condensed milk
Limit kids to just 2 Butter Spoons. Tell them when they run out of butter, that’s it! They will surprise you by being very judicious with their butter usage. No fair licking the spoon. : )
PS Note: Limit yourself, too. Then you have a very low calorie, satisfying and delicious snack. Butter is only 100 calories for a whole tablesoon, even less for 2 little Butter Spoons. Enjoy!
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Organic Pop Corn Dipped in Butter
Super low calorie but absolutely filling and delicious if done right. Just a little butter goes a long way when you dip!

  • Quality: Superb. This popcorn was more delicate and crisp than my local supplier’s.
  • Poppability: excellent. Almost every kernel popped even tho I left the container open.
  • Calories, Nutrition: Super low calories, natural corn, cheese, pat of butter. Good 4 you. Natural butter has not been shown to have the same effects as hydrogenated fats and beef tallow.
  • Price: Less than $1.25 a pound. Can’t remember exact amount – very inexpensive.
  • Notes: Practically hulless. No mean little husks jabbing your gums!

What? Dip your popcorn in butter? Yes – absolutely scrumptious.
You airpop some organic popcorn (ditch the GMO stuff!) in your little airpop popcorn maker. You take a pat of softened butter in a little dish with a low rim.
You dip a little edge of a small group popcorn kernels (popped of course!) into the butter for a delicious full buttery taste. Do this for every other bite. The butter taste and richness will go further.
Your hands stay clean! You get massive buttery goodness and flavor, and no need to pour anything over anything.
ALWAYS use BST free butter from cows that have been treated and fed well. You don’t want butter from cows that have been fed… unmentionable things… :O
If you can afford it and have it close by, use raw certified organic butter.
Note: Add a small wedge of natural delicious cheese and you will practically have a full meal.
This little snack is under 150 calories for a large bowlful, 100 calories for the cheese.
You will be very satisfied!
Tomorrow: An even MORE interesting subject! Toast… : ) Then, Mock Foie Gras… that’ll be a hoot… :O

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