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Ancient Foods from Biblical Days

Ancient Foods From Biblical Days

In the land where the grape is grown, in the land of Judea by the Sea, you can wander down pathways to the sea, scored by countless feet of beachgoers for thousands of years. Little has changed and the landscape appears unchanged, as if time stood still. The azure grey sea looks as it did when Daniel stood at its edge. This is the land of Olives, pomegranates, dates, honey, fish, unleavened bread, cucumbers, figs, new wine... and some of the finest cuisine in the world.

One of the most interesting Biblical food experiences begins with the Story of Daniel.

When Daniel was a very young man, he was brought before the King of the Land to learn the ways of the Chaldeans. Daniel had been chosen for his intelligence, comeliness, strength, agility.

He was to be fed the King’s food – dainties, meats, vegetables, fruits, breads, grains and wine; the finest food in the land.

Daniel asked that he be allowed to eat only “pulse and water,” rather than the King’s foods. Pulse is the ancient term for vegetables – in particular, any vegetables or fruits that had been “plucked, or picked,” rather than sown and harvested. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, greens that had been picked fresh from the garden. Pulse can also include soaked grains although this may or may not have been included.

Daniel’s caretaker was very concerned. He knew it was off with his head if Daniel did not thrive. It was very important that Daniel maintain strength, vigor and health, so the caretaker was very reluctant to allow for a pulse and water diet.

However, Daniel offered to do a test. He would eat his special vegetable diet for only 10 days, and then, his caretaker could review his health, strength, appearance and progress.

Aftger 10 days, the caretaker was amazed. Daneil was fairer of countenance and heartier in physique than all the others who were partaking of the King’s luxurious foods and wine.

From that day forward, Daniel was allowed to eat his special vegetarian diet.

This story is very telling. If Daniel, one of the Bible’s greatest warrior leaders subsisted on vegetables and water with greater success than all the other meat eaters, it stands to reason that meat may not be a necessity.

All of us here are on our way to cutting way back on meat. We’ll let you know how it goes!

Bible Food Information

We here at YDF are fascinated with ancient foods from Biblical times. The foods of the Romans, Greeks, Africans, Egyptians and other areas of the Middle East hold a particular interest as they definitely were given to displays of rich yummy deliciousness. Their banquets defied sensibilities – true gluttinous connoisseurs of the ultimte sort!

We can’t say that we recommend such gluttony, but we can certainly derive some entertainment and curiosity soothed, from it. People living to excess are an excellent lesson for all of us. It seems the human body and mind contrive to store fat for “winter storage.” When taken too far, we learn that what our bodies crave are not necessarily in our bodies’ best interest.

Our conscious minds help limit our bodies’ tendencies to overdo.

Meanwhile, back to Biblical foods… recipes and interesting facts, coming! : )