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10 Best Most Nourishing Natural Foods

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“Let’s just get down to the nitty gritty. Tell me what the top ten are.
All I’ll really need to know for now, don’t you think?”
– A Famous Movie Star of Renowned Beauty

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One thing about the top 10 most nourishing natural foods – we can’t really claim that they are the most delicious. Nevertheless, for the most part, they can be prepared in such a way as to be more than JUST palatable; in fact, they can be downright tasty.

If they become part of an everyday diet, they almost seem indespensible. It seems the body learns to love and crave that which nourishes it the best.

1.   Water –
Good quality filtered, purified or spring water. Keeping hydrated is important to skin and body health.

Pure fresh water is probably the most important "ingredient" in a healthy diet. Without pure fresh water, good health is impossible to maintain.

Some experts recommend at least 8 cups of water, soup, juice or other non-sweetened beverages per day, or, approximately 1 fluid ounce of water per 1/2 pound of body weight.

Consult with your physician for the recommended optimal fluid intake according to your activity level.

2.  Vegetable Sprouts – Young, fresh organic vegetable sprouts are almost unbeatable as little nutritional powerhouse packets.

Adding them to your diet will provide you with high quality concentrated nourishment.

Try to find organic sprouts rather than ordinary sprouts that may be derived from genetically modified seed containing pesticide or chemical residues.

Sprouts contain valuable natural enzymes. They should be eaten raw.

Mung Bean sprouts can be quick fried or added to soups. Home grown mung bean sprouts are especially delicious and have a meaty, rich flavor and texture.

3.  Green Leaves in Salads – Fresh raw greens with a light dressing is unbeatable when it comes to the green foods.

If it’s organic, fresh and raw, it’s probably very good for your complexion.

The trick is to keep dressing to a minimum and to eat alot, chewing carefully.

Some of the best fresh raw greens are romaine, green, red leaf lettuces, kale and watercress.

The darker green and richer the color, the more like to contain vital chlorophyll and other nutrients. Iceberg lettuce has a nice texture and adds a nice crunch, and offers a good source of liquid.

Grow your own – greens are very easy to raise and take relatively little space. They can be grown in containers, indoors or out. Be good to yourself – buy organic whenever possible.

4.  Berries – Berries are remarkable. Not only are they being shown to have extraordinary health benefits, but are also extremely delicious and can be served in an almost infinite variety of ways.

Berries have high concentrations of anthocyanins and other compounds which have been shown to assist blood flow through coronary arteries.

The more colorful the berry, the more valuable they might be as dietary agents to help protect heart and vascular system health.

A number of respected studies have concluded that chokeberries, goji berries, elderberries, bilberries, wolfberries may individually contribute to retinal health and/or the reduction of or protection against coronary heart disease.

You may love blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. These delicious berries contain comparatively high levels of phonolics which have a substantial in vitro effect on four types of cancers – colon, prostate, breast and oral cancer, increasing their rate of cell death.

Cranberries have an antiviral effect and have been recommended for urinary tract infection and protection.

Many berry varieties are extremely easy to grow and require little care and maintenance.

Berries may contain high levels of pesticides and chemcal agents – try to purchase from pesticide and chemical free sources.

5.  Raw Scallions, Chives, leeks, shallots, Garlic – You wouldn’t think these flavorful members of the allium family packed such a high antioxidant wallop. They have some of the highest anti-cancer factors researchers have come across in the natural vegetable world.

New research has validated long known claims – that soups and salads made with these ingredients have brought invalids back to life. One of the first physicians to notice their effect was Hippocrates.

A fairly recent study by the National Cancer institute discovered that those who ate only two teaspoons per day or more of scallions, onions or garlic helped reduce the incidence of prostate cancer by over 50% compared to those who ate less that an 1/7th of a teaspoon per day.

In addition to past studies that indicated that allium vegetables seem to help reduce risk of stomach, esophageal, colon and possibly even breast cancers.

Delicious, nutritious, extremely valuable. If you are allergic or cannot tolerate garlic or onions, then of course you will need to avoid them. There are many other less spicy but equally valuable foods. These are extremely easy to grow.

6. Wheat Grass and/or Barley Grass Juice or Lyophilized Powder – Yum! Not… Okay they’re healthy, but definitely not a flavor favorite. If you can down the living juice, it’s a sweet and definitely "purifying" cocktail of potent living enzymes, natural sugars and nutrients. As for the powder, it can be much more palatable and makes a nice beverage with raspberry flavoring. Take slowly, in very small amounts at a time. You can blend into smoothies, in which case this stuff can be outrageously delish.

7. Soaked Organic Grain – Soaked organic grains can have the "spark of life" awakened within them, thereby forming and releasing valuable enzymes and nutrients.

Always try and soak your whole grains before using for cereals, pastas, breads and other

A Biblical staple that provided incredible stamina, endurance and strength, "parched" grains, those that had been dried and then heated in large pans, provided sustenance for travellers throughout the Middle East.

8.  Seed Sprouts – Here we go with sprouts again. But yes, seeds are potent little parcels of yummy rich goodness. They are packed with concentrated nutrients so that they can nourish and sustain a seedling to adolescense.

Seeds are concentrated sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. plus other nutrients.  Seeds generally contain all necessary protein amino acids to sustain growth. One thing to note – seeds can become rancid, like any oil bearing food. Make sure to keep your seed stored in a very cool, dark place. Sesame seeds in the health or grocery stores aren’t usually aren’t sproutable.

9.  Organic Green Tea – What’s with green tea? Research has shown it to be quite a statistical champion when it comes to longevity and good health. Is is life style associated with tea drinking, or the tea itself? 

Green tea has a number of factors that have been proven to be beneficial. Just a small amount goes far. Organic green tea powder is by far the easiest and best – saves money, too. Make your own green tea ice cream with fresh, raw organic cream, vanilla and raw sugar. Spectacular? But of course!

10.  Unsalted Whole Sardines Packed in Water – These little fish are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. Served with crackers, seasoned lightly with mustard, turmeric and raw honey, they can be a tasty h’ors d’oeuvre. Just a few go a long way.


If one eats sprouted vegetables, seeds and grains, they can live a long and exceptionally healthy life without meat. They should eat proportionately and wisely, and perhaps supplement with fresh greens and fruit to their liking.

There are a million diets that can be served a million different ways. But in the end, it seems that moderation in almost all things, served regularly in as stress free environment as possible, speaks best for health and longevity.

Is dairy bad? Not necessarily. For some people, dairy has sustained them for generations and their forefathers lived long and fruitful lives free of illness and debilitating disease. Raw milk natural cheeses, milk, butter and eggs fresh from free running chickens can be a nutritious adjunct.

Ideally, fish net caught from pristine waters is the best seafood of all, and quite healthy. Raising your own animals humanely, allowing them to have free, good, natural and comfortable lives, raising their own young, then killing quickly and painlessly for food is also part of natural living that has been successful over history.

But over and over, it has been discovered that the healthiest of all do not need meat, milk or seafood, and that vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains are cheap, filling, and perhaps the most nourishing of all.

Perhaps it’s not what we eat, as much as how we eat, and how we live out lives. Live long and prosper, both body and soul!

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