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"Govern a great nation as you would cook a small fish. Do not overdo it.”
– Lao Tzu
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Classic English Fish and Chips with Fresh Green Salad
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Welcome to the Recipe of the Week! And why the illustrious Fish and Chips? Well, who doesn’t love Fish and Chips? We were just in the mood.

Furthermore, if ever there was a universal favorite, fish and chips is it. (On that note, Rustica Pizza next week…)

Most every child falls in love with Deep Fried Fish. Case in point: the ubiquitous fish stick.

Now if you use our batter along with a fine natural vegetable or pure organic lard, fish sticks and batter fried fish take on a transcendent appeal.

Could anything be more tasty? Hmmm… Fresh fish, fried to perfection, tender, moist, flaky, delicate, sweet and crisp… no, we doubt it.

Note: Net Caught wild fish are becoming a bit more of a rarity these days. It’s advisable to eat with care, on special occasions. Sustainability has become the order of the day.

We seldom allow ourselves this most delectable of treats – notwithstanding the high cost of high quality wild seafood.

Never the less, one cannot deny this yummy delicious earthly delight.

As for farm raised fish… your preference of course. We would want to be sure that the fish were fed only the most natural, wholesome and healthy diet and raised in clean waters.

Lest we forget the lowly little potato… truly one of the world’s greatest concoctions when rendered golden brown in glorious hot fat of the vegetable or rendered lard from a humanely and naturally raised pig or cow.

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Bon Appetit! : )

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